Blue Jumpsuit

The RUST Blue Jumpsuit is a player-wearable clothing item that mirrors the Underwater Dwellers’ outfits in the Underwater Lab monuments. It was introduced during the Going Deep update.

Unfortunately, it is unavailable to players in vanilla servers as it is an F1-exclusive item, meaning players must have administrative access on a server to spawn it into play, as it doesn’t drop from NPCs, nor can it be crafted or looted elsewhere.

The Blue Jumpsuit’s appearance resembles a generic blue base-color, with special Cobalt branding patches on the chest and right arm and an American flag patch on the left arm.

When equipping this item, it operates similarly to the Wetsuit in that it will cover the character’s chest and legs, providing the player wearing it protection for Projectile, Melee, Bite, Radiation, and Explosion damage types.

The NPC scientists that use this item are highly aggressive by nature to players.

Item Information
NameBlue Jumpsuit
Item DescriptionA Blue Jumpsuit
Default Stacksize1

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