Bath Tub Planter

The Bath Tub Planter is a standalone, galvanized horse trough bathtub-shaped deployable in RUST, used for growing plants. They are functionally the same as the Small Planter Box, which was most commonly associated with the Farming Update.

How to get a Bath Tub Planter

The Bath Tub Planter is a DLC-exclusive blueprint that is available only to those who purchase the Base Decor Pack: Frontier from the RUST Item Store. It will appear in your crafting list after purchasing it.

  • It doesn’t appear on the tech tree and cannot be researched
  • It doesn’t drop from crates or NPCs as loot
  • It does not require a workbench to craft

How to use a Bath Tub Planter

Functionally, they are three-plot raised garden beds that can grow up to three assorted seeds at a time. Plants will grow individually, with crossbreeding possible for those of similar type next to each other. The water retention capacity of this planter type is 3000ml. 

They occupy considerably less real estate within a base than their Small Planter Box counterparts (they take up roughly half of a square foundation.)

Bath Tub Planters, although taller, are more space-friendly and commonly employed by base owners to grow just enough food for day-to-day operations. At most, you could fit 2 of these planters on a single square. Unlike the Small Planter Box, this planter cannot be used on Salvaged Shelves.

For more farming information, be sure to check out our Farming Guide!

Item Information
NameBath Tub Planter
Short Namebathtub.planter
Item DescriptionA small planter with enough room to plant 3 seeds.
Default Stacksize10
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x100