Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is an early-game harvesting tool that remains relevant until replaced by more efficient tools in RUST. Introduced during the Halloween Event in October of 2022, it is a reskin of the Mace, possessing exactly the same damage output and durability statistics.  This item is available for a limited time on the Limited in-game store.

Visually, the baseball bat appears as many in pop culture horror movies would; clad with all manner of spikes, nails and barbed wire.  Anyone on the receiving end of such a weapon had better pray that the first swing gets the job done.  It is an absolutely brutal looking implement that no one would want to face in a duel.

As a tool, you can use a baseball bat to harvest animal carcasses for Cloth, Leather, Meat, Bone Fragments, and Animal Fat.  Using an item such as the Combat Knife performs this task more efficiently and results in a better yield, but the bat will work in a pinch.

As a weapon, the baseball bat does a substantial amount of damage in one long, labored swing.  Missing when fighting someone with a more forgiving, faster swinging weapon can be devastating, so ensure that when you swing the bat, you impact. This weapon is on par with all other 2 handed melee weapons with regards to smashing barrels, requiring a single swing to destroy the more durable blue barrel type or fuel barrel types.


Item Information
NameBaseball Bat
Short Namemace.baseballbat
Item Description
Default Stacksize1

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