Arctic Suit

The Arctic Suit is a unique full-body covering available for purchase as part of the Arctic Pack on Facepunch’s line of General Permanent Store items as of the Arctic Update. Its original sale price is listed at $12.99 USD and isn’t available for resale on the steam marketplace.

In addition to being re-skinnable from a traditional Hazmat Suit, once reskinned or crafted, the arctic suit is its own entity with its own unique statistics and features. Aside from the identical ranged and melee protections, the arctic suit possesses considerably lower stats in the bite, explosion, and radiation protection areas.

It is chiefly meant for use in the arctic biome, having the same waterproof feature as a Wetsuit but with added cold protection built-in. Due to the sizable 17% decrease in radiation protection, the arctic suit is not ideal for visiting the top of the Launch Site monument.

Aesthetically, the arctic suit boasts one of the more high-definition appearances. The sleek winter jacket with matching goggles and fur lining depicts that of an ensemble worthy of facing harsh winter climates. All other features present in the design are simply cosmetic. The spiked boots don’t allow for better traction and the bungies and ropes are clearly decorative.

In addition to being an in-game item, it is also directly spawnable as its own entity type by RUST server administrators from the F1 Console.

Item Information
NameArctic Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit.arcticsuit
Item DescriptionAn arctic variant of the hazmat suit which trades radiation for cold protection.
Default Stacksize1