The Apple is a basic food item found in RUST. You can loot it from both food crates and ration boxes.

An apple provides a substantial amount of calories and hydration, as well as a small amount of health.

While apples provide some of the best calorie recoveries in the game, they cannot be found or purchased.

Most players will simply eat an apple as soon as they find one, as they can only stack up to two, and take up valuable inventory space while traveling to find crates.

If you don’t want to eat the apple, you can put it in a player-made Composter to produce a small amount of Fertilizer.

However, the amount of fertilizer one apple produces is insignificant compared to other items, making the apple ideal for immediate consumption.

If you have a horse you can feed it an apple so that it begins to produce Horse Dung, which provides a great deal more fertilizer in the composter.

Item Information
Short Nameapple
Item DescriptionAn Apple. Eating it provides a small boost to health, hunger, and thirst.
Default Stacksize10
Consumable Properties