Animal Fat

Animal Fat is a common item in RUST, gathered from the corpses of animals. When combined with Cloth, you can render Animal Fat down into Low-Grade Fuel, craft Furnaces, Large Furnaces, Small Generators, lights, and operate most vehicles.

The amount you harvest from an animal depends on the animal itself and what tool is used to gather it.

The Hatchet, Bone Knife, Combat Knife, and Salvaged Axe will yield the maximum amount of animal fat from all animals.

If you don’t have one of these tools, you should harvest with an inferior tool only until you have 30 bone fragments. Once you have the 30 Bone Fragments, you can craft the Bone Knife for maximum yield.

The best animal for Animal Fat harvest is the Bear, giving up 100 Animal Fat with the above-mentioned tools.

In a pinch, you can harvest deceased players for Animal Fat, including your own corpse.

At the start of the wipe, it’s a good idea to die frequently, rather than use an excessive amount of food to heal and then harvest your corpse for its Animal Fat.

Doing this will help you get enough Animal Fat to render into Low-Grade Fuel and craft your first small Furnaces.

Craftable items that require Animal Fat

Item Information
NameAnimal Fat
Short Namefat.animal
Item DescriptionHarvested from animals, combine with cloth to create a low quality fuel source.
Default Stacksize1000