Abyss Torch

The Abyss Torch is a reskin of the standard player spawn Torch in RUST, possessing the same light capacity but with a fresh new appearance and style. This item is a part of the Abyss DLC pack, released on the item store with the Deep Sea update. And unlike the default torch, the Abyss Torch can also be used to great effect underwater.  

Aesthetically, the Abyss Torch is more visually appealing than the typical beach-dweller torch. Although identical in function (plus being waterproof) and durability, the new design has a more industrial, put-together look. This torch is made of what appears to be a steel or lead construction, with a smooth handled shaft, complete with endpoint hook, button, and a lead webbing over the light bulb interior.

Naturally, when used, players hold them instinctively near their heads to make their faces an easier target for night snipers. It cannot be used in tandem with a gun.

Torches of all types are a default blueprint and spawn with every naked on every vanilla server, alongside the trusty Rock. While it is possible to attack with them as a melee weapon, they quickly break and aren’t very effective.

Abyss DLC Skin Pack

Item Information
NameAbyss Torch
Short Namedivertorch
Item DescriptionIlluminate the underwater depths with this durable and waterproof diving torch
Default Stacksize1

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