Abyss Metal Hatchet

The Abyss Metal Hatchet is a premium RUST skin available for the Hatchet, released as part of Facepunch’s General Permanent Store items with the Abyss Diving DLC in the Deep Sea update.

While possessing the same collection rates and function as the hatchet, the abyss variety brings a rustier, more aquatic (even somewhat drippy) feel to the tree-chopping experience. Resembling a blunted boaters Ono hatchet, this cutting tool has definitely seen better days.

Since the standard hatchet blueprint isn’t default, the abyss version would only be available to players that have both learned the blueprint and purchased the DLC. Its primary use is to gather Wood in RUST. It requires no fuel to operate but takes consistent durability loss while being used to hit trees or any other entity.

Unlike Chainsaws, the abyss metal hatchet will require players to manually strike the trees to bring them down. It is pretty normal to use a hatchet as a melee weapon, sometimes going so far as to use it as a soft-side raiding tool. It is semi-recommended for use with a Wood Gathering Tea due to its less timely gathering capacity as a mid-level tool.

In addition to being an in-game skin, the abyss metal hatchet is directly spawnable as its own entity type by server administrators from the F1 Console.

Abyss DLC Skin Pack

Item Information
NameAbyss Metal Hatchet
Short Namediverhatchet
Item DescriptionMetal hatchet, reclaimed from the abyss, perfect for survival and crafting
Default Stacksize1

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