Abyss Divers Suit

The Abyss Divers Suit is a premium RUST skin available for the Hazmat Suit released as part of Facepunch’s General Permanent Store items with the Abyss DLC in the Deep Sea update. The Abyss suit is similar to the Arctic Suit and the Lumberjack Suit by featuring ornate and unique customization.

While possessing the exact same defensive statistics as the Hazmat suit, the overall aesthetic of this item gives off a World War 2 Navy Diver feel. With a large cylindrical dive mask on top, complete with compression gaskets, the suit itself is adorned with all manner of storage pouches, weights, ropes, and a double-mounted tank system on the back. The suit also comes with a non-functioning diver’s knife.

In addition to being an in-game Skin, it is also directly spawnable as its own entity type by server administrators from the F1 Console. Despite its name implication, this item does not increase the rate at which you move or perform other functions underwater.

Abyss DLC Skin Pack

Item Information
NameAbyss Divers Suit
Short Namehazmatsuit.diver
Item DescriptionA divers suit found in the abyss, doubles as a reliable hazmat suit
Default Stacksize1