Abyss Assault Rifle

The Abyss Assault Rifle is a promotional Assault Rifle RUST skin released as part of Facepunch’s General Permanent Store items with the Abyss Diving DLC in the Deep Sea update.

The Abyss Assault Rifle appears as a regular assault rifle that has been lost for years at the bottom of the ocean floor yet remains functional. It is covered with all manner of barnacles, netting and has a unique reticle shaped like a fishing hook.

Widely considered by many to be the most desirable weapon in RUST, the assault rifle (AK47) is the weapon of choice for large groups and solo players and the most valued prize of any PvP confrontation.

In addition, this weapon is a prime choice for setting up Auto Turret defense systems, though it might attract players that intend to break the turret to steal the gun.

Abyss DLC Skin Pack

Ammo used by the Abyss Assault Rifle

Item Information
NameAbyss Assault Rifle
Short Namerifle.ak.diver
Item DescriptionA waterlogged assault rifle from the abyss
Default Stacksize1