40mm Shotgun Round

Introduced through the QoL Devblog in April of 2019, the 40mm Shotgun Round is ammunition for the Multiple Grenade Launcher.

Despite being a grenade launcher, when armed with a 40mm Shotgun Round, the grenade launcher is widely considered the best shotgun in RUST.

This reputation is due to the significant damage, refire rate, and ammunition count of the grenade launcher with 40mm Shotgun Rounds.

Depending on how many pellets strike the target, the 40mm Shotgun Round can do up to 270 damage.

Damage at this rate is substantial enough to kill even well-armored players instantly. Keep in mind that similar to other shotgun ammunition, the 40mm Shotgun Round has a low headshot damage multiplier.

It is, therefore, most effective to shoot at a player’s center of mass. Ideally, you want to strike between the shoulders and below the neck to maximize damage against a player.

The aim is to strike a player with as many pellets from the 40mm Shotgun Round as is possible.

You can purchase the 40mm Shotgun Round from the Bandit Camp for 15 Scrap per 6 rounds. This low cost makes the ammunition quite affordable.

Weapons that use 40mm Shotgun Round

Item Information
Name40mm Shotgun Round
Short Nameammo.grenadelauncher.buckshot
Item DescriptionAmmunition for a 40mm Grenade Launcher.
Default Stacksize24