40mm HE Grenade

Introduced through the QoL Devblog in April of 2019, the 40mm HE Grenade is high damage explosive ammunition for the Grenade Launcher in RUST.

Considering the high damage and decent explosion radius, it is tempting to use the 40mm HE Grenades on players. However, since they are so challenging to acquire, they are often put to better use as raiding tools.

The only way to get 40mm HE Grenades is to loot them from heavy scientists.

The massive benefit to using 40mm HE Grenades as raiding tools is the speed at which you can fire them and their explosion radius.

While they do less damage than rockets, they can be fired quickly towards a doorway that players actively protect during an online raid.

Players defending doorways and chokepoints are likely to be caught in the blast. The 40mm HE Grenade will hit for close to 90 damage, depending on their armor.

You will need 6 or 7 40mm HE Grenades to take out a Sheet Metal Door, depending on what other raiding tools you have bought with you.

If you do not have a grenade launcher or do not wish to use the 40mm HE Grenades you find, you can recycle one for a chance at receiving Explosives.

Weapons that use 40mm HE Grenade

Item Information
Name40mm HE Grenade
Short Nameammo.grenadelauncher.he
Item DescriptionAmmunition for a 40mm Grenade Launcher.
Default Stacksize12

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