16x Zoom Scope

The 16x Zoom Scope is a weapon attachment that enables players to right-click and zoom in on their targets.

You can only find the 16x Zoom Scope in RUST in advanced crates. Notably, they come from containers that require you to take on APC Bradley, Patrol Helicopters, Heavy Scientists, or Locked Crates.

Considering how brutal these fights can be, it is much more efficient to purchase the 16x Zoom Scope. You can buy one quite easily from the Bandit Camp Black Market for 300 Scrap.

This scope provides excellent sight range but massively hinders your peripheral vision and is susceptible to recoil.

You can apply it to any ranged weapon with a slot for scopes. However, it is nearly impossible to track a target with the 16x Zoom Scope when using a weapon with automatic fire.

The 16x Zoom Scope applies best to slow-firing rifles. Therefore, rifles such as the Bolt Action Rifle or the L96 Rifle will get great value for long-range sniping.

Many players consider the 16x Zoom Scope to be overkill. Mainly, since there are limitations on player draw distance, you could make most shots as easily as the 8x Zoom Scope.

If you find yourself with 16x Zoom Scopes and do not wish to use them, you can recycle them for 40 High-Quality Metal.

Item Information
Name16x Zoom Scope
Short Nameweapon.mod.8x.scope
Item DescriptionA large 16x zoom scope.
Default Stacksize1