How to See at Night in RUST

rust how to see at night

Learn the best ways to navigate and see around RUST at night

As the sun sets on the isles of RUST, we dip into the ink-black of night. Some nights there’s a period of pure darkness, and on the nights the moon doesn’t rise at all, the darkness seems to last forever. Fortunately, there are several ways to find your way around during the night in RUST.

Ways to see better at night

There are several ways in RUST to see at night, and these include:

  1. Electrical ceiling lights and searchlights.
  2. Tools such as the flashlight and torch.
  3. Attire like the candle hat and the night vision goggles.
  4. Base items with campfires and lanterns.
  5. Weapon mods like the weapon-flashlight.
  6. Special RUST Store items such as the Christmas lights and neon signs.
  7. RUST item skins that glow in the dark.

Some methods are more accessible and cost-effective than others, while others can actively put you at risk.

screenshot of a base interior with many lighting elements
There are many ways to light up a base at night.

Electrical lighting in RUST

There are two kinds of electrical lighting. One is the intended Ceiling Lights. Each ceiling light uses two power and has a passthrough component making them easier to set up. You’ll light a more extensive area the higher you have the light placed.

You can use other lights, such as the Search Light or the Siren Lights. They will, however, only light up small areas and sometimes with flashes or strobes that can be distracting.

Lighting tools in RUST

Everybody who has played RUST should be familiar with the player’s Torch. You’ll spawn with one and craft another with a bit of Wood, Cloth, and Low-Grade Fuel. Pressing right-click will light your torch. Keep in mind that a lit torch at night is a beacon to other players and will net you unwanted attention.

If you’re lucky enough to have found a Flashlight, you can see even better in the dark. The flashlight operates the same as the torch but lights a different area in front of you, and it won’t burn out over time. You can also learn the Blueprint to craft a Weapon Flashlight mod to attach a flashlight to your gun’s rail system.

Inside of loot crates, you can sometimes find throwable flares. Flares are especially useful in dark monuments such as military tunnels and mines since they will illuminate just enough light to see the area.

Light up attire in RUST

There are three wearable items in RUST that you can use to see in the dark. The first two are the Candle Hat and the Miner’s hat. You can find both of them in the crates at mining monuments. They require low-grade fuel to operate but keep your hands free to use tools and weapons.

You can also find a pair of Night-Vision Goggles in locked and special crates. They require power to operate, and you can recharge them at a workbench. They do slightly obscure your vision but come with the advantage of providing light for you and nobody else.

All forms of wearable lighting take the place of helmets or head armor. To help compensate for this loss of armor, you can pair most of them with a craftable Bandana Mask to make up for the loss.

Base lighting components in RUST

Any of the base components in RUST that utilize fire will provide at least a little light. Furnaces and Barbeques both emit dim orange light and provide comfort. For more substantial lighting, you can use the campfire or stone fireplace. While great at lighting a room, you can’t use the fireplace for cooking food or metals.

Almost all base lighting components will burn wood in exchange for fire and Charcoal. There are a couple of options for base lighting that uses low-grade fuel. Most notably, the Lantern and the Tuna Can Lamp.

Both use low-grade fuel quite slowly, making them ideal for long-term base lighting. Be sure to keep in mind that any base lighting will inevitably be visible to players outside your base. Camp Fires and Stone Fireplaces, in particular, tend to send light shooting through the cracks. While it’s not a huge problem, it does advertise to players that you are home and active.

screenshot of a player holding a rifle with a weapon flashlight
A weapon flashlight allows a player to see at night while remaining armed.

Use weapon mods like the weapon-flashlight

The weapon flashlight is a convenient method of seeing at night. Like the hand-held flashlight, this light does not spend resources to keep powered on. Additionally, this weapon mod allows the player to keep their weapon in hand while using the light, which is much safer in potential PVP situations.

Purchase RUST items from the Steam Market

A few RUST items that provide light can be purchased from the Steam Marketplace. Most notable and valuable are the Christmas Lights, Deluxe Christmas Lights, and the Small Neon Sign, Medium Neon Sign, and Large Neon Sign.

You can purchase two kinds of Christmas lights: the classic  Christmas Lights and the newer Deluxe Christmas Lights. The classic string of Christmas Lights is a small, 2-meter string of lights that you can place on a wall or floor surface in your base. This item does a pretty good job of providing interior light at night and does not require electricity, making them highly sought after in the market.

The Deluxe Christmas Lights are much more versatile, and you deploy them in much the same way as you would run electrical wire with the wire tool. The trade-off with this item is that it does run on electricity, and the electrical requirement increases the drain on your base’s power system. These lights admittedly do not emit light, but a resourceful interior designer could outline paths through their base using these lights. 

Another fun option for light is to use RUST’s neon signs to light up walls in your base. Be cautious of the types of signage that you design and stick to decorating rather than providing direction. If you have neon signage on the walls that point the way to either deeper into your base, or your loot rooms, you are advertising to would-be raiders in which direction to head inside your base.

RUST skins with lighting components

If you’re simply trying to find your way around your base in the dark, you can utilize skins that glow in the dark. Many base components have purchasable skins, and many have a skin variant that includes at least a little glow-in-the-dark paint. Strategic placement of these items can help you navigate your base during the night and provides the added benefit of not emitting light through cracks like a campfire or furnace will.

The most useful is the door and box skins, especially in rooms with large amounts of storage. While the glow isn’t bright enough to emit any light, they act as focal points in a room to help you find your way around the base without having to turn any lights on.

Lighting the way

There are plenty of options for finding your way in the dark in RUST. Whether you’re in your base or making your way through the wilderness, each method presents its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Whichever lighting method works best for you will boil down to your current need for seeing at night, whether you are out farming in the dark or trying to navigate a sea of doors inside the group’s main base. Try out the above methods until you figure out what you’re willing to spend to achieve different lighting qualities.

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