RUST Harbor Monument Guide

RUST Harbor Monument Guide by Jfarr

This RUST Harbor monument guide video is brought to you by our partner Jfarr.

In this video, Jfarr takes us through his deep-dive view into the Harbor monuments, revealing key information that can help RUST players to better learn and master the monument. For many new players, they’re shocked to learn that the Harbor monument itself has two variations; a ‘Large Harbor’ and ‘Small Harbor’. Both of these monuments are represented by a unique map marker that allows players to discern which of the two monuments are available.

In this video, Jfarr will walk through the following areas:

  • Monument Tiers
  • Harbor Monument Variations
  • Player Utilities
  • Loot Locations
  • Puzzle Systems

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Jfarr, here.


This video will be focused on the harbor monument, and will include the different loot, layout, and features the harbor monument provides. 

RUST Harbor Monument Types

The harbor can obviously only be found within the coasts of Rust and comes in two variations, which include the large and small harbor. The two harbor types can be distinguished from within the map and will provide a completely different layout compared to each other.


However, don’t be discouraged by the small harbor since it’s still a great loot location to quickly loot up and acquire some useful tools and items while providing the same amount of utilities. 

RUST Harbor Monument Monument Tier

The harbor can be classified as a low tier monument, since it is close to newly spawned players and does not emit radiation, allowing any new spawn or player to enter the vicinity. The harbor also does not contain any enemy AI, such as the scientist, which can be found at higher tier monuments and roaming roads. 

RUST Harbor Monument Loot Spawns

For acquiring loot, both types of harbors contain anchored cargo ships, shipwrecks, containers, forklifts, and military trucks, which can offer basic crates, military crates, and barrels, providing you with possible guns, tools, resources, and clothing.


There are also many buildings and crane-like structures the player can climb to escape danger or scout their surroundings. However, do not expect to find any crates or barrels hiding up there. 

RUST Harbor Monument Utilities

Both types of harbors feature recycler, and a position to the right side of the monument in relation to the water. For the large harbor, the recycler is located outside the large shipping building to the right-hand side of the monument.


For the small harbor, the recycler is located hiding behind a wall on the larger dock. A small oil refinery can also be found in most harbor spawns, which will allow players to acquire low-grade fuel in exchange for crude oil. In the large and small harbor, the oil refinery can be found around the middle of the monument after going down a flight of stairs. 

RUST Harbor Monument Puzzles

A green puzzle system can be found within both types of harbors and will require one green card and one electric fuse. A green key card can be found within low tier monuments and on top of desks, which is further demonstrated within my ‘Small Monument Guide’ video. For each, the large and small harbor the puzzle will reside in a different location and require a different path to take.


For the small harbor, you’ll want to locate the second story building to the right-hand side of the harbor facing the water, which features sandbags surrounding the second floor. Enter the first floor, and once inside, find the fuse box and insert your electric fuse, followed by turning it on with the switch to the right. This should now unlock the door on the second floor of your building, which is the puzzle room.


To enter, you must swipe your green key on the card scanner to open the door. Within the puzzle room, one crate can be found, along with a blue access key card on the desk, which will be used for higher tier monuments.


For the large harbor, you’ll want to find a small room out the front of the hanger on the dock and next to the railway. If you’re the first player in a while to find this building, you’ll find a barrier blocking the entrance. These can be quickly bashed down using a rock or any other tool.


Once inside, find the fuse box and insert your electric fuse proceeded by turning it on with the switch on the outside of the building. Now quickly run to the hanger located on the dock and find a second small room which should have a green key card scanner outside.


You can also follow the powerlines above to find where the puzzle door is. Once you’ve used your green key card, the door should now open, and you can find a single crate followed by a blue access key card on the desk.


You should also know your electric fuse has a decaying bar, and will eventually run out. When your electric fuse runs out, the power to the door will shut off, closing it. This means you have a limited amount of time to get to the puzzle room to take the loot.


If you happen to be in the puzzle room when this happens, you can simply locate the red button beside the door to open it, allowing yourself to escape. 


That’s it for the low tier harbor monument, which is a great location for first spawns or low tier players looking to quickly gear up or acquire a blue access key card for higher tier monuments.


Thanks, guys, for watching, and I hope to see you in the next video. 

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