RUST Hapis Community Project Launches Next Custom Map Update

The Hapis: Trains & Caves update for the Hapis Community project will launch with RUST’s July update on 6th July 2023. In this major map update, the development team has added nearly a dozen new features to the map, including above-ground trains, new monuments, and a complex cave system. 

Players can now run the unloading event on Hapis with the addition of the Coaling Tower—shunt unloadable wagons to the coaling station in K13 to access their goods and resources. 

Where can you play Hapis?

If you’re interested in playing with the new changes listed above, you can join the following official RUST servers:

  • Rustafied US
  • EU Zenlabs

Update trailer

Full change log

For a complete list of changes in this map update, please see the following change log provided by the developers.


  • Sewer branch Monument 
  • “Hot springs” Temperate biome in the north 
  • Above Ground Trains 
  • 1 New buildable bus stop 
  • Collapsed Tunnel Monument 
  • Oasis Cave System 
  • S20 Ravines 
  • SouthEast Hemp Swamp 
  • G17 Lake 
  • O2 Lake 
  • Coaling Tower Monument 


  • Moved Missile Silo Monument to the North shore 
  • Reworked Security towers to give better access 
  • Replaced Every CCTV on the map, adding some new PTZ cameras as well 


  • Arctic Research Base 
  • Abandoned Tower 
  • Desert Military Camps 
  • Green Card Cave 


  • AI spam in the console for server owners

What is the Hapis Community Project

In February 2023’s Industrial Update for RUST, Facepunch Studios announced it would end official support for the static Hapis map after struggling to update it over recent years. The team was many updates-worth of features behind and many hundreds of hours away from keeping the map updated with current development, so the decision was made to retire Hapis officially.

A group of community map makers decided to take on the task of the map’s upkeep and development and created the Hapis Community Project.

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