RUST Halloween Update 2022

Get ready to step into the darkness.

The RUST Halloween Update for 2022 has crept upon us, and this year the developers of RUST have brought back many of our spooky favorites. Survivors will see the Trick or Treat event and have access to the Frankenstein build-a-monster pets, roaming scarecrow and murderer NPCs, pumpkin carving, and a swath of new Halloween-themed skins.

But that’s not all; new tricks and treats await players this Halloween, including instanced dungeons packed with your favorite creepers and Halloween loot. If you’re the type of player who doesn’t enjoy deep, dark dungeons, you may need to bring a friend or two along.

Discover portals across the map to hidden Halloween dungeons

This year’s seasonal festivities include a new secret and hidden set of Halloween dungeons for players to discover and explore. But to find these dungeons, players must first locate portal entrances.

RUST Dungeon portal entrance

The dungeon entrances are probably more accurately described as portals due to their glowing, ethereal appearance and sound. These portals look like glowing blue doors and can appear absolutely anywhere on the game map. If you intend to track one down, keep an eye out for the door’s blue glow and particle effect. They are even easier to spot at night. You’re likely to hear one before seeing one, as they make a distinct, magical sound.

Once inside a dungeon, you’ll face a typical mining cave environment. There isn’t much light, so you will want to come prepared with a torch, at the least. The dungeon is filled with a variety of Halloween fiends, like mummies, scarecrows, and murderers. We would not recommend entering a dungeon without a close-range weapon equipped for this reason. And maybe a friend. But that’s up to you.

Be sure to prepare yourself before plunging into these portals

The size of each miniature dungeon ranges from a few small tunnels with 1-2 AI mummies or chainsaw zombies with 1-2 lootable boxes up to 7-8 of each.  Some dungeons have a radiation protection requirement of 2, with minor ticks still audible at 1 and full-blown radiation acquisition at 0.  As with any non-safe venture, be sure to check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival. 

The AI within the dungeon will attack with chainsaws, knives, pitchforks, and lobbing beancan grenades.  Players are highly advised to bring a Revolver with adequate ammunition and medical supplies at a minimum. 

The NPCs drop various loot, including Halloween-themed items like scythes, butcher knives, coffins, fences, and spider webs.  Altogether, these dungeons provide a fun boost of resources while providing an additional challenge.

RUST Dungeon interior

Some things to consider when dungeon crawling

Before you get excited about camping a dungeon ad nauseum, you should know some important caveats to the dungeon system. For starters, dungeons have a very short life span–we’re talking 15 minutes short. From the time a player sets foot into the dungeon, a timer starts, and the dungeon will despawn after 15 minutes. This means you need to kill and loot quickly, then get yourself and your team out of there ASAP. If you are worried about hitting that time limit, we recommend bringing a Kayak and Paddle. You’ll thank us later.

When a dungeon despawns, so does the portal entrance. You’ll need to search out a new portal door for another chance at dungeon crawling. A handful of portals will be up at any given time, and new ones are always generating. Keep a sharp eye out and be prepared to jump into the darkness should you happen upon a portal.

New Halloween items

To celebrate Halloween 2022, RUST has released three new items. We will update this post once the acquisition method for the items is officially known.

Baseball Bat

RUST Baseball Bat ItemThe Baseball Bat is a reskin of the Mace and is a brutal addition to the game. It looks just as you’d imagine an improvised weapon to look out of any of your favorite horror movies and games–clad with barbed wire and bent nails. The next scarecrow to cross your path will wish they didn’t if you’re carrying one of these.

Cultist Deer Torch

RUST Torch Skull ItemThe Cultist Deer Torch is an eerie reskin of the default blueprint torch. Although both torches possess the same light output capabilities, the cultist torch looks much more like a flaming trophy on a stick than a mere torch. The torch bears cords of beads, and the skull itself has symbols carved into it, alluding to the idea that this tool may be quite important…to someone. 

Hockey Mask

RUST Metal Facemask Hockey Item

What Halloween would be complete without something creepy to hide your face behind? The Hockey Mask fits the bill if you’re looking to give someone a scare.

Spooky fun of years past

Despite the new dungeons being the headlining feature of RUST’s 2022 Halloween update, players can still enjoy the festivities of previous Halloween events. The candy hunt event will be enabled by default on servers unless specifically disabled by server owners. 

What are you most looking forward to this Halloween? Join our Discord community and share your spookiest base designs, RUST costumes, and stories!

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