RUST Halloween Hunt Command (Event)

The RUST Halloween Hunt Command & Event

The RUST Halloween hunt command allows server administrators the ability to manually trigger the Halloween Candy Hunt event. During the latter half of October, leading up to the Halloween holiday and the week following it, the Halloween event will run automatically once every in-game day.

This event is enabled and disabled with the variable, which controls all other events. There is not currently a variable to control the Halloween Hunt itself.

When the Halloween Hunt event runs, a short alert message will appear on the screen with an audio cue, alerting players that the game is soon to start. This message allows players a short window of time to position themselves in a more suitable location.

After the alert message count down disappears, a new leaderboard panel will display in the top right of the screen. At this point, glowing candy apples, candy bars, and candy corns will begin to spawn around players across the server. For 3 minutes, a count down will show below the “Top Creeps” leaderboard, signaling the end of the event when it hits 0:00 and winners will be announced.


It’s important for players to have an open inventory space before the event starts, as candy that is picked up in the event will occupy a space in player’s inventories.

Players can also equip pumpkin baskets that enhance the collection time for picking up candies. The pumpkin baskets also allow players to throw candies at other players, similar to the snowballs and Easter eggs from prior events. In addition, there is also a Scarecrow headwrap that allows players to see more candies spawning around them. It does this through a special stat titled Candy Vision. Each of these provides players an edge to rising to the number one spot of the Top Creeps list.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST Halloween hunt command

  • Add some Halloween holiday festivity to the server
  • Spawn the Halloween hunt to start a fun mini-game for the server
  • Use the Halloween hunt as a custom reward or VIP claim for a server
  • Provide a top creeps leaderboard plugin
  • Inject more weapons into the server as the Halloween Hunt rewards build-up
  • Admins can advertise unique aspects of their RUST server

Who can enter the RUST Halloween hunt command

The RUST Halloween hunt command can be issued on vanilla RUST servers by RUST admins and moderators only.  Non-admin players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use the RUST Halloween Hunt command.  Regular players will need to be on a server that has the server events enabled to partake in the event.

RUST halloweenhunt command (1 of 1)

  • Use this command to start the Halloween Hunt event
  • This event runs automatically during the latter half of October, when is set to true
  • Note that this configuration will work from both the in-game and RCON consoles

Manually start the Halloween hunt event

Use the command below to start the Halloween Hunt event:

spawn halloweenhunt

On success the console will display:

spawned halloweenhunt[9216315] at (0.0, 0.0, 0.0)
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