RUST Halloween Dungeon Population Command and Variable

RUST Halloween dungeon population command & server variable

The RUST Halloween dungeon population command is a server convar used to control the amount of procedurally generated dungeons that spawn during the Halloween event. Server owners and admins can modify the population to best suit the needs and resources of their servers.

The Halloween dungeon population command and convar were introduced into RUST with the seasonal Halloween 2022 content update. This content update introduced procedurally generated dungeons for players to discover, enter, explore, kill monsters, and find loot.

Reasons to use the RUST Halloween dungeon population command

Server owners and admins may wish to use this command for various reasons, which might include:

  • You’ve disabled the Halloween event on your server and do not wish to have dungeons spawning as well.
  • Test if dungeons are causing server performance issues.
  • Prevent dungeons from spawning to preserve server performance.
  • Reduce the resource cost of having the full number of dungeons active.

Who can enter the RUST Halloween dungeon population command 

The RUST Halloween dungeon population command and variable can be issued and configured on vanilla RUST servers by RUST admins and moderators only.  Non-admin players on vanilla RUST servers cannot use this command and variable.

RUST halloweendungeon.population command (1 of 1)

  • Set this variable to enable, disable, or modify the number of Halloween dungeons that appear on the server
  • The halloweendungeon.population variable defaults to 1 on vanilla-based servers, which will spawn approximately 16 portals on a 4500 worldsize map.
  • After issuing this command, it will immediately change the server’s setting without restarting, but you will need to save it in your start-up batch or server.cfg files in the event of a server restart.
  • Setting the convar to 0.5 or 0 will reduce the portal door spawns and, subsequently, the Halloween dungeon spawns by half and all, respectively. 
  • Be sure to use sane values; otherwise, it can have a drastic performance impact on the server.

Note that this command works from RCON platforms and doesn’t require logging into the game server.

Get the current Halloween dungeon population value


On success, the console will display the following:

halloweendungeon.population "1"

Set the Halloween dungeon population value

halloweendungeon.population 1

On success, the console will display the following:

halloweendungeon.population "1"

Stop the Halloween dungeon population from spawning

halloweendungeon.population 0

On success, the console will display the following:

halloweendungeon.population "0"
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