Fortress Base Design (2018)

The Fortress, Starter to Main Base Design

The Fortress Starter to Main Base,  created by our partner xRaw, is a solid starter base, intentionally designed to expand to a main RUST base design.

The Fortress base design features a hard to raid tool cupboard, compacted item placements, and other anti-raid mechanics spread throughout the design. There’s also ample visibility and a defensive shooting area above the main entry.

Appropriately honeycombed, this base design is a tough nut to crack into. It will require 50 satchels to raid straight to the tool cupboard, assuming knowledge of the design, making it quite strong for its total cost at the final build stage.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 7,500
  • Wood: 6,000
  • Stone: 22,500

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 2,400
  • Wood: 100
  • Stone: 3,900

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

Video Transcript

No voice over for this video.

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