The RUST Ferry Terminal Monument Guide

An in-depth guide and walkthrough of the RUST Ferry Terminal Monument

The RUST Ferry Terminal Monument was released in July of 2023 as one of the highlighting features of the Deep Sea Update. The Ferry Terminal was incorporated into the game to facilitate the unreleased Nexus Server Swap system. This monument will undoubtedly see new additions and updates to its functionality in future updates.

This guide provides detailed information about the Ferry Terminal Monument, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run the monument while providing insight into the different types of loot, NPCs, and environment variables you may encounter.

Table of Contents

Monument Features Checklist

Barrels ~22
Crates ~12
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable 1 Green Keycard
Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Recycler 1
Repair Bench 1
Research Table 1
Site Specific FeaturesPotentially Very High Fuel Barrels, Underground Train Tunnel Entrance, Public Telephone, Public Modular Car Lift, Nexus Terminal (Official Only)

Monument Overview

Originally incorporated to facilitate the Nexus Server Swap system, the Ferry Terminal is at the lowest end of difficulty regarding RUST monuments.

The game’s visual translation of this monument is surprisingly close to that of the Large and Small Harbor, taking the shape of a multi-pier port, complete with its own miniature lighthouse, the terminal office itself, a warehouse building with a car lift, along with quite a large roadway featuring several trucks, a tank, and a non-functional MLRS vehicle.

Slightly offshore, players will find a network of Seawalls to prevent tidal surges from interfering with daily operations and a stationary, non-functional tugboat wedged amongst the rocks.

Much like the other harbor monuments, the Ferry Terminal is populated with loot in a less than consistent manner. Barrels, in particular, can spawn in numerous places and, at times, be quite difficult to track down. Boxes and crates, on the other hand, are more consistent in their placement yet sporadic in their spawn rate.

Depending on the population of the server being played, the Ferry Terminal can appear to the untrained eye to be quite sparse in resources or an absolute treasure trove to those that are persistent in searching or know where to look, especially for the more adventurous that enjoy a good jump puzzle.

Preparing for the Ferry Terminal Monument

The Ferry Terminal monument on community or modded servers will be viewed mostly as a secondary option amongst veteran RUST players, as far as recycling locations are concerned after running the Small or Large Oil Rigs, mostly due to this location’s recycler placement being so far inland.

Either Harbor would be much easier to recycle at. This monument should boast considerably higher foot traffic on Official RUST servers, especially amongst those looking to utilize the Nexus Server Swapping System. 

That being said, the ferry terminal is completely void of hazards such as radiation or scientists and has an assortment of static ambient lighting that makes the monument easier to navigate at night.

Anyone, regardless of gear level or experience, can venture into the ferry terminal completely naked and loot its vast assortment of treasures. It is an excellent monument for acquiring a bit of early-game scrap and provisions.

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources.

As with any non-safe venture, be sure to check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival. As demonstrated in countless streamer clips, even the most geared player will likely die here to a well-placed double-barrel grub.

Running the Ferry Terminal Monument

Underground Train Tunnel Entrance

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument —Underground Train Tunnel Entrance

Ferry Terminal has an underground train tunnel terminal located inside the main terminal building, past the red light turnstile area.  You can check out more information about this from our January 8th update back in 2021.

Warehouse & Loading Dock

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Warehouse & Loading Dock

Starting off in one of the more open areas, the warehouse and loading dock areas are sparsely adorned, if not accurately depicted.

There is a constantly burning comfort barrel as you first enter the monument, nearby a white cobalt dormant box trailer and bright yellow forklift. Several barrels can spawn in this area, but due to the monument’s nature, no spawn is guaranteed. 

A bit further into the monument is a small yellow shipping container with the Public Repair Bench inside and possibly some loot.

This area has no major monument features, but it is an ideal ambush area. Players beware. Just above this shipping container is the Ferry Berth board, displaying connected destinations for the Nexus terminal.

Back Alleyway

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Back Alleyway

Directly off the loading dock area is the back-of-warehouse alleyway, with several potential barrel spawns and a small jump puzzle to get on top of the warehouse itself.

The roof may or may not have a crate spawned, but it could make for one sensational sniper perch for some PVP. Following the chain-linked alley, its full duration brings you to the next area.

Recycler & Car Lift

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument —   Recycler & Car Lift

On the centermost external area of the monument, you will find the sole recycler alongside a public modular car lift. A few barrels can spawn in this immediate vicinity, but this area is quite small, compact, and potentially deadly.

Strategically, this recycler would be quite hard to escape if other players noticed you grinding resources, so just a word of caution. This area is quite easily flanked from literally every direction.

Departures Lobby & Green Keycard

Players may enter a small, empty employee desk area just off the Recycler area with the sole Green Keycard of the monument or the primary departure lobby.

The lobby boasts ample unusable seating areas, a few crates and barrels, and some decorative wall advertisement posters. It is also home to the monuments Public Telephone. As mentioned earlier in the guide, this is where you’d also find the red-light entrance to the underground rail network.

Red-Light Train Tunnel Entrance

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Red-Light Train Tunnel Entrance

Although relatively straightforward, the presence of the monuments only Research Table warrants individual mention. This small top platform area can also have a crate for those looking for a bit of loot.

Port of Entry Roadway

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Port of Entry Roadway

Exiting out the front of the main terminal building brings us to the large port of entry roadway. Several broken-down, non-interactable vehicles seem to have found their final resting points here, complete with another box trailer (with loot inside), the MLRS vehicle, and a flatbed trailer, potentially with loot.

The rest of the monument’s features are located off this large concrete platform, so we’ll take them from left to right around the monument.

Dingey Pier & Rope Ladder

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Dingey Pier & Rope Ladder

Just past the limited parking spaces, players will find a smaller pier near the water, along with a rope ladder onto the elevated shipping container bridge that exists on this side of the monument.

This ladder may be taken to get a height advantage during a fight or as a backway onto the jump puzzle portion of the monument. This area is quite sparse in resources. 

Jump Puzzle

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument —  Jump Puzzle

Attached to the port of entry roadway via a non-functioning actuator bridge, this monument area has a decent amount of loot and quite a few new-to-the-game features as of its inception.

To better elaborate on these new features, we will review each individually since some are rather easy to overlook.

Rope Ladder 1

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Rope Ladder 1

Pretty self-explanatory, these ladders function as any other ladder in the game does, with the notable exception that they can sway in the wind. Use this ladder to ascend to the first elevated portion of the jump puzzle.

Climbable Knot Rope

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Climbable Knot Rope 1

Also falling into the swaying ladder category, this knot rope might go otherwise unnoticed at first. It takes a small leap to reach it, but it is absolutely necessary to get to the next level of the jump puzzle. 

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Climbable Knot Rope 2

Being that there are no new ladder types on this next platform, continue up to the first lootable area. 

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Climbable Knot Rope 3

The pinnacle of the jump puzzle, this final platform can have up to a maximum of 6 barrels and 2 crates at any given time. It also has an amazing view and could act as quite a good shooting platform in the event of PVP. There are several ways to get to the tip top of the tower, but the loot really stops at this initial platform.

Rope Ladder 2

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Rope Ladder 2

As discussed before in the Dingey Pier section, there is a back way up to the jump puzzle final platform. This can be used to completely circumvent all of the bottom steps and get a mean flank on potential tower campers.

Sea Walls & Catwalk

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Sea Walls & Catwalk

More of a novelty aesthetic area than anything else, the sea walls do very little but limit the passage of naval vessels into the area.

Presumably, the water passage between these walls will be the docking area for the impending Nexus System vessel. Players can venture out to the end of the catwalk, but there is no loot and no place to hide from other players.

Long Dingey Pier

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Long Dingey Pier

Centermost of all the piers, this concrete area is an ideal spot for those on smaller boating vessels such as the RHIB or Rowboat to pull up to the monument and typically has a single crate at the end of it. There isn’t really a clear purpose to this area aside from the aforementioned utility.

Miniature Lighthouse

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Miniature Lighthouse

Purely decorative, at the far corner of the entry roadway is a small (in comparison to an actual monument) lighthouse with a bulb that seems to have burned out. The area is rather appealing to look at, but that is really where its purpose ends. There can be a few barrels that spawn around it.

Trailer Dock Pier

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Trailer Dock Pier

Having four stationary Rowboats that will likely never touch the ocean again, this angled pier may spawn a crate and boasts an alternate ladder that will take you back to the miniature lighthouse area. Player boats may be pulled directly onto it.

Sea Walls & Dormant Tugboat

RUST Ferry Terminal Monument — Seawalls and Dormant Tugboat

Wrapping up attractions, we find ourselves out in the water on the back of a new model Tugboat. This area can spawn a loot crate, but it isn’t guaranteed. Sea walls flank the rocks and boats on both sides and truly add to the overall feel of the monument. 


While we suspect the Ferry Terminal Monument is incomplete, as there are numerous rumors of the terminal being connected in some way with the upcoming Nexus System, and there are bordered-up access points not yet available to players.

Regardless, this low-tier monument provides RUST players with new and exciting places to explore and engage in PVP combat and ample opportunities to gather loot.

We will make every effort to keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Please reach out to us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need!

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