RUST Electricity Oil Rig Event Alarm

RUST 101: Electricity Guide – Oil Rig Event Alarm

Our partner Malonik is back with a new RUST Electricity 101 video.

In this video, Malonik walks through an insightful trick to help you keep tabs on other players running the Large and Small Oil Rig monuments by setting up an oil rig event alarm. When players reach the top of each oil rig, there is a locked crate that can be hacked. After players initiate the hacking sequence, flashing lights with a loud alarm will sound, indicating the event has started.

However, unbeknownst to many players, a radio frequency is broadcasted across the island. Players that have set up a radio frequency receiver to the proper frequency can build their very own alarms. These alarms can even be tied to pagers, allowing you to receive a notification while away from your base.

This quick electricity guide walks through the process of setting up a simple alarm that will activate when the locked crate’s hacking sequence is initiated.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Mal here.


I could go on a long winded rant explaining all of the IRL BS that’s going on for me currently, but honestly, who cares.


Instead, let me do a TL;DR and say I’m not dead and I’m doing my best to get back into it to get some new videos to you guys.


So why are we here today, it just so happens…


Someone is doing oil rigig, lets go! Wait a minute, hold up. Pause.


How the hell did I know someone was doing the oil rig from my base?


See the other day, Gal and I were checking a few things out at the Oil rig when he noticed this sign.


Now most people, myself included, would just think it’s some RP nonsense to add to the monument.


Thankfully, Gal is not most people and after a quick experiment, we realized this frequency does actually send out a signal when someone starts the event on the oil rig.


So if you connect an RF Receiver to either an alarm speaker or a flashing light, and then set the frequency to 4765. Now you have an alarm to let you know whenever someone is doing the event.


So you can rock up and counter them. Alternatively, if you have a pager, you can set the frequency and it will go off whenever the event starts.


Now I took this one step further, and rigged up the circuit so that it shuts off the lights and turns on all the alarms at the same time.


Truthfully there’s no real reason to do this. I just wanted it to look cool and I wanted to know if I could do it.


If anyone’s interested in doing it my way, here’s the circuit for it.


Another thing we noticed in our experimenting is that a range of frequencies are blocked from the transmitters. 4760-4790 to be specific.


Now we don’t know for certain, but it definitely feels like they did it so they can add more alarms in the future.


If that’s the case, then you can setup a room so that you can know when people are doing multiple specific events.


Anyways, that’s all from me for now. It’s nice to be back. I’m going to try and get back to regularly releasing content.


Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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