Custom RUST Map: Sundered

Sundered, a free custom RUST map by Corrosion Hour

Today, we’re excited to announce to the RUST community the release of our first free custom RUST map available for download: Sundered.

Sundered is a custom RUST map designed from the ground up to have the look and feel of a foggy war-torn urban zone from a previous era while being isolated from the rest of the game world.

Designed as a battle arena for deathmatch-style and other mini-game modes, this unique custom map maintains a fair and competitive nature for all players, with two equally opposing spawn points and a nearly-mirrored layout, with ever-so-subtle differences added to each side, such as the red-vs-blue decorations scattered throughout.

The playable area is surrounded by high walls, encapsulated by snowy mountains in the distance, with a looming lighthouse just in sight. Players will engage in battle through ruined buildings, decimated vehicles, and layer upon layer of trenches.

Sundered map screenshots

RUST Player Experience in Sundered RUST Custom Map

Stand up your own Sundered server

While you are free to use the assets of Sundered in your own servers and projects, you can also stand up your own mini-event server using the map as it is, with the aid of plugins. We recommend the following plugins, available on uMod to help set up an automated (or manually controlled) event server.

As the map uses custom spawn points, both in the surrounding towers that overlook the map and at two opposing sites, you’ll need to have some experience with map management and plugins to get things working.

  • Deathmatch
  • EMInterface
  • EventManager
  • EventStatistics
  • GunGame
  • ImageLibrary
  • Kits
  • Metabolism
  • Spawns
  • TeamDeathDrops
  • ZoneManager

Download Sundered Map

We are releasing Sundered as a free-to-use map that you can modify and use in your projects under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. While we make no promises of compatibility and future updates, it’s our intention to keep this map updated in the foreseeable future.

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