RUST Custom Map Spawn Points

Adding RUST Custom Map Spawn Points

This quick video was created by Snowballfred from The Rusty Cartographers. In this custom map guide, Snowballfred details the basics of adding spawn point areas to a RUST custom map.

There are a few gotchas to be aware of, as they can lead to your spawn areas corrupting. Pay special attention!

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to another quick RUST map editing tutorial.


This tutorial is going to cover spawn points.


Little bit of misconception out there about how it’s actually done. So we’re going to break it down for you nice and easy.


Now this method will work both in killyou’s (editor) an in Unity, so for the purpose of this video I am going to stick with Unity because it’s nice and easy to use and get started with.


Now we’re going to click on a land layer and then we’ll select ground. And we’re going to make a nice green (selection) and just for the sake of the video we’ll go around with white on this thing to isolate the two areas. All the way around.


And then we’re going to go to biome and we’re going to make sure it’s all temperate. It is, perfect.


Then we’re going to switch to topology. Now we’re going to make sure to get one thing straight here.


With these topologies mainly, is on the main land right, make that nice and big so we can get it done. Main land topology, beach topology, beach side topology, ocean side topology, and tier 0.


And with these topologies combined with the biome, you will notice we get a spawn point. Perfect.


Now don’t overlap any of the topologies, apart from these, otherwise your spawn point may end up corrupted.


Now here we are, lets see if it works. Spawn point, kill. Spawned again.


And here’s our white room to prove our point and our spawn point is effective and it works. There’s our grass over there.


I hope this helps everyone out with their spawn issues that you may be having. I don’t think heights are constrained on the frax method pretty much that will spawn at any height as long as those parameters were met.


And yeah, happy map making fellahs.


Please please, don’t forget to chuck us that dang sub!


Cheers guys, means a heaps.

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