Compact Solo/Duo Bunker Base Design (2019)

RUST Compact Solo Base Design

The Compact and Strong Solo/Duo Bunker Base Design

This RUST base design video is brought to you today by our partner xRaw.

This RUST base design is a compact and strong solo bunker and similar to another of xRaw‘s designs titled The Bull. This design features loot spreading, undrainable shotgun traps, anti-door camping measures, compact item placements and works well as a ‘starter to main’ base design for solos and duos.

Getting to the TC directly will cost raiders around 1,000 Explosive ammo and around 1,300 Explosive ammo to get all of the loot.

Build Cost
  • 4.1k Metal Fragments
  • 3,143 Wood
  • 12,660 Stone
Upkeep Cost
  • 936 Metal Fragments
  • 7 Wood
  • 1957 Stone

And now, check out this Compact and Strong Solo Bunker Base Design. Cheers!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video we’re looking at another RUST base design which goes from a starter to a main base. This can be used for solos or duos and uses features such as loot spreading and undrainable shotgun traps.


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Just before we get into the tour, these are all of the items that are inside of the base. We have three small boxes, eleven furnaces, your level 2 workbench, your tool cupboard, a research bench, two salvaged shelves, four shotgun traps, two sleeping bags, a campfire and finally fourteen large boxes. All of this fits into the footprint shown here with the loot rooms highlighted in metal.


Now, coming into the base here, we have a sheet door to get inside quickly, followed by a sheet double door here to act as a door block airlock. This will prevent door campers from going deep if you die with your doors wide open and is a great little trick to use.


Continuing into the base, and up here we have the first storage area with a few boxes and furnaces as well as your research table. We also have these undrainable shotgun traps pointing in different directions to prevent raiders from progressing past this point without draining them or going through a different way. Make sure to keep lots of ammo in these.


Continuing into the base, and through these doors we have your first loot room containing five large boxes and one furnace. Swap this out for Evilwurst’s 7 box loot room if you need more space. Now here, we have the bunker entrance. Simply spawn in your bag inside and hit out the twig to gain access. You can place furnaces in here when you are online to make the most of the space. I’d recommend placing a shotgun trap here if you have a spare as this will also be an undrainable shotgun trap, stopping raiders from progressing further unless they drain it of ammo or shoot out the wall instead.


Now, within the bunker area, we have two loot rooms. This one on the right holds four large boxes, a furnace and a sleeping bag. The other holds two large boxes, your workbench, your tool cupboard, two furnaces and some small boxes along with a campfire. To seal the bunker up, simply place a twig or wood half wall  and then place a floor on top and upgrade to sheet metal. This will have to be done from the outside of the bunker.


The footprint of the base is simple. Beginning with a square starter base before expanding out to add one loot room and then add an additional loot room before adding a layer of honeycomb.  To break down the raid cost, this is the cost to raid direct to the TC and this is the cost to get all of the loot. This base is going to cost you 4.1k metal, 3.1k wood and 12.6k stone with an upkeep cost of 936 metal, 7 wood and 2k stone. A more detail costing can be found in the comments to include deployables.

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