RUST Compact Base Building Tricks (2019)

RUST Compact Base Building Tricks

This video, RUST Compact Base Building Tricks, was created by our content partner Everherd.

These RUST base building tricks can be used in virtually every base design and can help maximize the base’s efficiency overall. While many RUST base designs sprawl out due to the need for additional loot space or added players — having compact loot rooms, tool cupboard rooms, and furnace rooms can help reduce the overall cost of the base design. With a lower cost base design, it allows players to focus on their core so that more resources can be spent on honeycombing areas that otherwise would’ve been open space.

In the video, the tricks covered include compact:

  • TC Room Designs
  • Loot Room Designs
  • Furnace Room Designs

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey what’s up, my name’s Everherd and today I’m going to show you a few designs. This video’s mostly meant for new players. So you know, if you’re quite good at the game, you might cringe a little.

TC Room Designs

So how about we start off with a TC room design. So this is probably the most compact one. I use it quite a bit just because it’s really convenient. You can fit quite a few boxes in there. It is quite hard to build it though. So you want to place a triangle going through the TC like that and upgrade it to wood in case you want to chop it down and change it to something else.


And we’re just placing a box like that. Another box goes in sideways. A box like that and another one like that. You can actually do it with one more box, but…, you can also do it with another box next to the TC, but I don’t think it’s worth it, because it’s quite hard to place it. If you mess up the TC placement, you’ll have to chop it down, which is not good for early wipe.


Ok, so the next design is quite simple. I often use it in solo bases and starter bases because it’s really convenient. So basically you just place a bag and a shelf, and we sacrifice one box for one bag. Make sure you can stand up here and you can spawn there anytime you want.


Another design is with the stair case, this is quite an old school one. There you go, you can place boxes like that. It’s not the most convenient thing ever. This is a great design, your TC is so wall protected. You can always upgrade it to sheet or high qual if you feel like it. Just make sure to fix up the window.

Loot Room Designs

Ok, so now we’re done with the TC designs, so lets check out the loot rooms and I’ve only got one so it’s pretty basic. It’s just shelves. So you want to make this little shape with 4 boxes. It might be a bit difficult, you might need to pick them up a few times. This is really efficient. There’s only like 10% of free space in there.


You can make the top section even more efficient, but I decided not to because it’s a hassle. You can figure it out on your own, though it’s still a pretty efficient loot room. Obviously you can make a loot room with shelves, so you can do one with a floor and place in 4 boxes in it, but this is more efficient. This is 6 boxes. I know some people can do one with 8 boxes in it, but we’re not going to go that far.

Furnace Room Designs

Now some people don’t notice, but the most efficient way to place furnaces is within a triangle. You can fit in 3 of them, which is really efficient and there isn’t much free space at all. Now sometimes you just can’t place them in a triangle and you might need to place them in a square, this is how you do it.


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See you guys in the next video.

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