RUST ClearAllSprays Command

The RUST ClearAllSprays Command

The RUST clearallsprays command is a RUST server command that allows admins and moderators to immediately clear all existing sprays and decals from the server at once. As a destructive command, the clearallsprays command once issued on the server, cannot be reversed. 

RUST Spray Cans were introduced during the Arctic Update and received subsequent follow-up modifications with later updates, such as the Combat Update. There are a few admin commands and convars associated with this item that help server administrators moderate and control how the sprays work across a RUST server.

Unfortunately, any item that allows players to create visuals in-game can and will be abused, quicker than one would think. So it’s important for server admins and moderators to understand how to reverse abusive actions connected with the spray can.

The clearallsprays command is the nuclear option for quickly and effectively removing all player-generated sprays and decals. There are more surgical commands, such as the RUST ClearAllSpraysByPlayer Command and RUST ClearSpraysInRadius Command available to use.

While you may think there would be an individual free-spray or decal deletion command, there isn’t one currently implemented. In addition to this, the spray can itself doesn’t provide a clear or remove function, but there are a handful of ways to remove free sprays and decals if you’re within proximity, some even regular players can perform.

Here’s a list of workarounds for removing individual sprays:

  1. Use a Water Gun from the Sunburn Pack DLC to remove a spray or decal
  2. Use a Water Jug or Water Bucket filled with water and press the E key
  3. Wait for the sprays and/or decals to time out
  4. Spray over them with decals to cover up unwanted imagery
  5. Continuously spray until you hit the server’s default number of sprays per player, in which older sprays will begin to disappear in order.
  6. Use the clearspraysinradius command and walk within the specified proximity of the unwanted spray

A few practical reasons for using the RUST clearallsprays command:

Even though it may seem pretty obvious, here are some practical reasons for using this RUST command:

  • Troubleshooting server performance issues involving sprays and decals
  • Moderating inappropriate free-spray (tagging) usage
  • Answering support requests for removing unwanted or abusive tags and decals
  • Resetting spray timers after setting a new value for SprayDuration

Who can enter the RUST clearallsprays command

The RUST ClearAllSprays command can be issued on Vanilla RUST servers by server administrators and moderators exclusively. Non-admin players cannot use the clearallsprays command to remove sprays.

How to use the RUST clearallsprays command

The clearallsprays command can be issued from the server console, in-game console, and with 3rd party RCON platforms.

RUST clearallsprays command

Before initiating the clearallsprays command, it’s important to understand a few things:

  • This command is a destructive command that cannot be reversed. Once the sprays and decals have been cleared, there is no reverting command available, therefore it’s a best practice to let your server’s players know the command is being issued. This can help reduce support tickets and complaints.
  • It’s also important to note that on largely populated servers or servers where the number of sprays allowed has been significantly altered, issuing this command has the potential to cause an immediate hiccup or stall by which players may be impacted.
  • This command will NOT broadcast a chat message to the server when issued.
  • This command does NOT display or provide feedback as to the number of sprays and decals cleared.

To use this command, open the preferred server console and type in the specific clearallsprays command syntax listed below, then press enter.


On success, the console will display:


On success, the server chat will display:


Related spray can variables

global.maxspraysperplayer25If a player sprays more than this, the oldest spray will be destroyed. 0 will disable
global.sprayduration10800Base time (in seconds) that sprays last
global.sprayoutofauthmultiplier0.5Multiplier applied to SprayDuration if a spray isn’t in the sprayers auth (cannot go above 1f)
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