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The Perfect Raid, a RUST Clan Raid Guide

This RUST raiding guide video, The Perfect Raid, a RUST Clan Raid Guide, is brought to you by our partner riZZa.

In this guide, riZZa walks us through a well-executed approach to raiding a clan base, performed by a leading RUST Australian clan TGB. All while taking us step by step from the preparation phase and it’s considerations to the final steps. Whether you’re new to RUST or haven’t had much experience in raiding, this guide serves as a wonderful round-up of expert steps and precautions to take when running a raid force against an online target. riZZa reminds us that keeping your eye on the prize and ensuring each team member stays focused on their role, you can quickly get in and out.

This video will help you acquire the basic raid knowledge needed to lead your own clan raids, or offer insights on how to best defend against them.

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Video Transcript

The Perfect Raid, a RUST Clan Raid Guide

Let me tell you a story about RUST, a game with the sole purpose to survive or die trying. Spending days farming up enough resources to attack your enemies. Forming a pinnacle in time when you have to make a split-second decision or risk losing it all.


This video is the highest tier of raiding —the very best. I’m going to break down a raid here for you, so we can better understand what makes the perfect raid possible. And might I add, this raid was finished in ten minutes flat.


The raider’s we’ll be watching is the clan called TGB, hailing from Australia, but known worldwide as being one of the most fear and longest-running clans in RUST’s history, but a raid has to start somewhere right?


All the rockets are ready. All the guns are crafted. But what next? Well, we need a target.


When scouting out an enemy base, you want to consider some crucial points. How many rockets will it take to get to the core and potentially take the tool cupboard and win the raid? That will give you a number for explosives, and you will need at least to keep an extra 10 to 20 percent on top of that for lost rockets to deaths or misplaced rockets in the raid.


What defenses does the base display? Look for sentry guns, extra external walls, shotgun traps, all the extras that will use up extra ammo, extra explosives, and potentially slow you down.


The forward operating base, better known as a FOB, a key factor of winning any raid, allowing your group to cover, defend, re-spawn and store loot. Groups use sentry units to cover the front and the rear of the FOB but allow for extra time for electricity connection.


General, the leader of TGB, stated that it takes 60 to 120 seconds with three builders to establish a solid FOB. Once everyone is authorized on the turret, everyone puts down their sleeping bags and continues the attack while the builders complete the FOB.


The two shots at the external wall are to indicate where they have chosen to breach with the rockets. They have chosen an area where a triangle wall external tool cupboard has been placed in what’s called the splash damage range, from the high external wall. Meaning they can break both the tool cupboard walls and the external walls, with well-placed rockets and increasing the overall damage.

The Breach

The point of entry your group is raiding from while players are chosen to defend from the FOB overwatch. The breach team moves forward into the compound and asses their next move, always choosing a joining point of two walls to utilize the splash damage and breaking two walls instead of just one. Ultimately it minimizes the amount of explosives required for the raid.


Always the assigned rocketeers firing rockets, while the designated breach team watches from all angles and attacks. Here they’re placing the rockets in the center of four walls to maximize damage while one rocketeer is firing the other is reloading. They are keeping the rockets constantly barraging the base, breaching as fast as they can, before the enemy has time to react.


Once there is an opening some of the breach team moves forward to cover the broken honeycomb area from any enemy who might try to defend or reseal the base. Just because you’ve done it a million times doesn’t mean you’re immune to the splash damage of a rocket. Ouch!


The enemy or better known as the defenders, have taken arms and positioned themselves in the defensive areas of the base. One defender is using the top floor with a door design to shoot down on to the raiders below. This design is an effective overhead defense when building a larger base and is used very often on a larger build.


The breach team using communication channels in voice chat now have a member running rockets down from the FOB to top them up so they don’t need to risk losing them all in the event they all day. The breach time is laying down excellent cover fiver to the roof tops to allow the rocketeers to continue un-phased by the defense.


Ho ho ho, oh a hard blow has been dealt as a rocket has been fired into the breach team, wiping most of them out. We got TGB running back from the FOB to loot their bodies as the remaining breach team moves to the outer walls to give the defenders a wide birth.


Haha, another rocket has been dealt to TGB, and TGB are taking heavy losses in their breach, but TGB isn’t giving up. But the entire team has been eliminated in the breach. They have been wiped out.

Hard and Fast

Time for hard and fast. The defenders are using this time to rush out from the breach to try and seal up the holes in the compound while another will try to seal up the main base shell.


No time for tears, it’s not over. Grab a gun, charge out of the FOB, and take back control. TGB eliminating the defenders trying to seal the compound now pushing back in a second wave, as the enemy are doing their best to seal the main base from the inside.


Make sure you’re shooting out that twig, we don’t want them to reseal at all costs. Remember that 10 to 20 percent extra rockets I told you to get, well it’s times like these you’re going to need them. But that extra cheeky wall they have slapped up to try and slow you down a bit.


TGB has regained control now, and the rocket barrage continues as the TGB guys push a team into the base, only to find some gunpowder and sulfur de-spawned on the bed there. Very cheeky the defenders are, re-spawning in the beds. It’s a good sign you’ve got them on the back foot if they’re re-spawning, but don’t let them start closing doors; otherwise, it’ll be extra resources to get you out. Kill them on sight.


Now with TGB inside, the process of tunneling into the loot rooms begins. This is a good time to sort of work out and step out each foundation and work out where the loot rooms could be, compared to where the TC could fit. So you can minimize the cost of the rockets and be most effective.

Counter Raiders

Utilizing the base, you’re raiding as a point to attack the counter raiders from, and a side attack from the FOB will ensure you hold back any pesky onlookers coming to snuffle up your hard-earned loot.


TGB General there pumping a couple of rounds and a rocket into the door so that they can take that top-level and rain some hell down on the counter raiders outside and support their FOB.


Definitely, you can see the counter raiders here. The FOB is putting a suppressive fire down. We’ve got a couple of guys on the outside, but it’s not deterring the guys on the inside of the raid. They need to continue on and not let that slow them down at all. Time is of the essence here, and they need to focus on what they were there to do, and that is to get down to the loot and take tool cupboard.


Do not go running out to fight them and leave the raid open. Let the FOB and outside team deal with this. Focus on the raid at hand. We need to keep tunneling; we need to keep making back our costs and find the main loot room and also the tool cupboard.

The Tool Cupboard

Finding the tool cupboard is the heart of the base. Once destroyed, you can then place your own tool cupboard with a code lock, seal the entire base with your own doors, walls, and make it your own. And there’s nothing the defenders of the base can do about it, as they’re no longer the owners.


A great tactic is to seal the main shell of the base with a metal door, and you can carry on the raid without worrying about counter raiders creeping up on your team on the inside. A lot of people refer to this as griefing.


Now while all the focuses on the inside, make sure you’re also focusing on the outside. We can have door campers, guys creeping up with double barrels, and even a last push from the defenders coming in from a back door. So make sure your outside team is staying sharp and on point.

Loot & Scoot

As it sounds, get that juicy loot from the raid and get it the hell away from there. Don’t allow the defenders or more counter raids to keep coming back, as it will only end in a failing raid and losing everything you’ve earned. As a temporary measure, you can store some of this loot in your FOB, but don’t keep it there for long.


A quick counter raid and a couple of rockets through one wall, and you could lose the lot. So make sure you’re smart, keep all your best loot in the most secure location and maybe try and use the cover of darkness to move all the juiciest loot back to your main base at night.


I shouldn’t have to bring up this one, remember everyone, it’s just a game. We play for fun, and at wipe, all those pixels will be wiped away in a fresh start, so type GG in chat, whether or not you win or lose. A good fight is a good fight. Give large groups the courtesy of an online raid and remember, if you’re getting raided, don’t ever de-spawn. Just let them have it.


That’s all from me, guys, happy raiding. Skin giveaway in my discord or entry by leaving a comment below, letting me know what your favorite moment was in the whole entire time of RUST. Otherwise, stay healthy, and I’ll catch you all next time.

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