Cheap Solo Starter Base (2019)

Cheap Solo Starter Base

This RUST base design video, cheap solo start base, was created by our content partner Everherd.

Everherd’s solo starter base can be easily beefed up for use as a solo base design. Starter bases are primarily designed to be extremely cheap and are used for gathering resources for the main base design.

This base design is slightly bigger than your typical starter but is able to accommodate the major deployable items needed to grow, such as a workbench, repair bench, furnaces as well as storage rooms.

Positioning a starter base in an inconspicuous location will help in transforming the base into a full-time base. Less foot traffic and visibility are better.

Base Upkeep Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 652
  • Stone: 386
  • Wood: 20

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Yo, what’s up? It’s your boy Everherd. My voiceover might not be as crispy as usual, because I’m ill, but I’m still here, I’m still here boys.


I’m going to bring you this solo starter base, you can also use as a solo base. As we come inside we have a twig staircase which can be broken by the shotgun trap if anybody tries to go inside.


We’ve got a couple of doors and through these ones, we come into our main section. And here’s everything you need. We’ve got a workbench, our furnaces, our loot room, as well as your tool cupboard.


Here’s your upkeep. Anyways, let’s build this bad boy now.

Base Build

Ok, so to build this base you want to place three triangles and a little 2×1 next to it. Upgrade these ones to sheet metal.

Obviously, you can make it stone if you don’t have sheet metal yet. You can always upgrade it later.


Upgrade this top sheet metal. This is going to be our honeycombing for the tool cupboard. Here you go, you actually want to include this square. This is going to be our way up.

Obviously, you would only upgrade to sheet metal if you’re planning on living out of this. If it’s just a starter, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade it.


This is going to be the tool cupboard. Now when you get a window, you want to place it in. Those things are really overpowered. There we go.


Now we’re going to make our loot room, but these are going to be our shelves. Place in a wall frame and a garage door. Make sure it’s facing this direction so you can’t see it from the outside.


Then we place in a workbench, a bag, and 3 furnaces. You might be able to fit a barbeque on the other side, but it gets quite cramped if you do that.


Now, this is how you would check your tool cupboard. Then you have to repair it, or just leave it, so it repairs by itself.

Now you want to place in your furnaces. These are going to be our way up. Now we want to place in more walls. We want these ones to be sheet metal. It’s not that important, obviously, you can leave as stone as I said.


We’re going to use garage doors, they’re obviously stronger. If you have the blueprint for garage doors, you always want to use it.


You can’t place a shelf there, but it doesn’t make much sense. Another thing you can do is place on a floor right here, that will give you even more storage. You can even place in a repair bench there.


However, you need to place your shop fronts on before that, otherwise, you won’t be able to place them.


And we want these to be a twig. Don’t upgrade them. That way if someone tries to go deep on you, the shotgun trap will shoot out the thing. Your raiders basically won’t be able to get inside.


Now you will want to use a flame trap. Those work as well. They actually work even better.


Anyways if you enjoyed this little video, be sure to check out my other videos, as well as like it and subscribe. And join my discord server.


Hope you guys enjoyed this video, as I’m quite ill and hope I heal soon.


Anyways, this is Everherd.


See you soon!

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