Cheap Duo Bunker Base Design 2019

Cheap Solo/Duo Bunker Base Design (2019)

This video, Cheap Solo/Duo Bunker RUST Base Design, was created by our partner Everherd.

This RUST base design was primarily designed for vanilla servers and to accommodate solos, while also functional for duo groups. The base features numerous advanced building techniques and a few convenience additions, such as the entry-point furnace drop-off.

On the 2nd-floor, you’ll find a small shooting window next to an auto turret. The turret is protected by a chain-link fence, so it can’t be easily rocketed. You’ll find a small loot room, workbench, and repair bench on this floor.

On the bottom-most floor, there’s an additional storage room, along with the base’s bunker below it. The bunker requires spawning into a sleeping bag to access it, along with the tool cupboard and critical loot containers.

On the 3rd-floor of this base, there is a full 360-degree shooting floor protected by garage doors on all sides. This provides some level of active base defense.

Build Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 14,430
  • Stone: 10,050
  • Wood: 5355

With that, enjoy the video!

[ Video has been removed since originally posted ]

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Video Transcript

I’m feeling more productive. My name is Everherd and that is exactly what you can expect from this base on the screen right now you can see the cost of it. Anyways, let’s get on to the base tour.


So here we’ve got our little airlock. This makes sure that no door campers can get in. On the right, we have some furnaces where you can drop off your ores once you’re done mining. And on the left we have a chute. So when we go up to the top floor, this is where the shooting floor is. It has some garage doors, those are mostly for safety, they’re not really for protection. We have a little bunker window, you can upgrade them to sheet so that nobody can pick in. It also has a couple of windows.


When we go back down the chute, on the right, we have a little shooting floor. It has a turret, the turret is not necessary and will definitely trigger some door campers. They will not like it. It’s protected by a fence gate so you can’t shoot rockets through those.


In here, we have our workbench as well as our repair bench. On the left we have a little loot room. We have some furnaces and down here is one of our main loot rooms. This is where you want to keep the decent stuff but not your best stuff. You may be like “Where’s the bunker area? This is supposed to be a bunker base.” But it’s down here, you want to spawn in one of your bags down here. And here’s our TC as well as other boxes. This is where you want to keep the best of the best (loot). You can see that we come out right here. You definitely want to keep an axe under here just so that you don’t have to pick through that wooden wall. So you want to place a half wall like that, upgrade it to wood, jump up and place a floor. Anyways, let’s get into the base build.


So you want to build a little circle, go up three squares on one side and make sure that they are higher squares. Then surround these with lower triangles and build higher triangles around those. Build some more squares right here as well as here. This is our basic footprint.


Now, we want to upgrade it. Don’t upgrade these middle ones yet, because we need two of them to place our bags. Also you want to build this a little bit off the ground, you don’t want it too close to the ground because you want to be able to place your bags. So these are the two foundations that you want to remove. What you want to make sure of is that you can place bags down here. If you can, then you’ve done everything correctly. Now here you have a short demonstration of how it works. It doesn’t provide stability to the farthest square. I will use BGrade so that it’s a little quicker. Right here you want to see the shape that you want to build your wall. Now we will leave the foundations outside. Honeycomb isn’t required on them but it is definitely better to honeycomb them.


Now your TC, you want it to go in there. You can also place it just somewhere in the base. It’ll be a lot less suspicious that there is no TC, however, if you want a lot of protection for your TC, that is definitely where you want to place it. You basically gotta make a decision: if you want more protection or if you want your loot to be safer. Cuz if your raiders don’t find the TC, they might start digging for it.


Now what you might wanna do is leave the stairs wood.

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