RUST Camper Module Guide: Use, Repair & Raid

How to use, repair and raid the RUST camper module

The RUST camper module is a mobile utility vehicle. While other vehicle modules have a dedicated function, such as protection or storage, the camper is a jack of all trades. This new module was introduced in the Missions & QOL Update and has the unique role of carrying four beds that a team of players can spawn in safely.

While the camper isn’t sufficient to operate as a mobile base in the long term, it is the standout vehicle module for serious RUST PVP players. Security, storage, respawning, and mobility make the camper an essential tool for raiders and counter raiders alike.

Table of contents, quick links:

  1. How to find a camper module
  2. What are the camper features?
  3. How to lock a camper
  4. How to choose the best vehicle bed for the camper
  5. How to break into a camper

How to find a RUST camper module

Finding a camper module is similar to looking for any particular car module. Unfortunately, the camper is not for sale at any NPC shops. However, a player-run shop could sell the module.

Players looking for the camper module can find one by following any road. Dirt and paved roads can both have campers. You will need to look for vehicles with at least 3 or 4 module slots.

4 slot vehicle with camper module and armored cockpit

How to get the camper module back to base

There are two ways to bring a wrecked camper back to your base. First, you and your teammates could push the camper. You can see the push option by standing directly behind or in front of the trailer.

Pushing any car in RUST is a slow process, and we only recommend it if you don’t have far to travel. Alternatively, you can bring some car components, a hammer, and low-grade fuel and repair the vehicle by the roadside.

You don’t need to repair the camper module for the vehicle to travel, only the cockpit. Most cockpit vehicle modules in RUST will require a few wood, metal fragments, and high-quality metal to repair.

Again, you don’t have to repair the module entirely, just enough to run the motor. The real hassle in doing this is carrying the vehicle components. You can purchase cheap vehicle components at the outpost, and cheap is all you need to limp home.

How to remove or install a camper module

If you find or trade a camper module and wish to place it on another vehicle, you will first need access to a vehicle lift.  

Repair and install camper modules on the vehicle lift

Once the camper is on the lift, use the terminal to place or remove the camper module. Keep in mind, if you exchange the cockpit with an engine for the armored cockpit, you will need to attach a separate engine module.

What are the benefits of using a camper?

First and foremost, a camper is a rolling set of four walls. Wherever you go in your camper you’ll be able to enjoy a non-trivial amount of mobile protection from PVP fire. If strong walls weren’t enough, the camper also provides:

RUST camper features:

  • Storage
  • Ability to cook food
  • Protected respawn points
  • Comfort
  • Player transport
  • Lockable

What’s inside a RUST camper

The camper module contains the following resources, not including the seats or storage made available by your other vehicle components.

RUST camper beds

To start, players will find four beds inside the camper. While it appears that there are only two, the beds in the camper have sleeping areas at either end. Each bed is also a seat, allowing you to carry up to 4 players in the camper module.

You cannot stand or walk inside the camper module. However, pressing the mount on the side of the camper module will place you seated on one of the beds. As a bonus, sitting inside the camper will provide a minimum of 50 percent comfort.

The camper has room to seat 4 players

The beds on a camper abide by the same rules as a sleeping bag. Respawning at the bed will trigger a 275-second timer before you can use the bed again. And unlike a standard sleeping bag, you will not spawn lying down. Instead, you will be sitting so that you do not occupy the entire space.

How many containers are in the RUST camper

The storage inside the camper is limited—however, there is a small box containing 12 slots on the floor underneath the barbeque. If you are willing to forgo using the barbeque, that too can be used as storage for an additional 12 slots.

If you look at the ceiling of the camper, you can access a locker that has room for player gear and equipable hot-bar items. While most of this storage is limited to wearable equipment, it can be used as storage for those particular items if you need it.

Container security in the RUST camper

You cannot lock the containers in the camper, but you can lock the camper module itself with a key. Just be mindful that any player can access the beds and vehicle inventory once a camper takes enough damage. For this reason, we do not recommend using the camper as a long-term living solution.

How to lock a RUST camper

To prevent other players from accessing your cockpit or camper, create a key to lock your vehicle:

  1. Place your vehicle on any vehicle lift.
  2. While it is off the ground, use 75 metal fragments to create a lock and key for the car. 
  3. To create the key, open the vehicle lift interface.
  4. Under the module placement section, you will see a green button asking if you want to make the key and lock the car.
  5. Click the button to generate a car key.
Create a key for the camper
Create a vehicle key to lock the camper

 You can craft as many keys as you wish this way. Keep in mind, if any player takes the key, they have full access to the vehicle.

Keys are not component limited, so a key to the camper is also a key to starting the car. We highly recommend keeping at least one key somewhere inside the vehicle. Doing so will guarantee that you can respawn inside the car, pick up the key, and drive away even if your keys are lost.

How to choose a vehicle bed for your camper

The camper module takes up 2 of any vehicle slot, limiting you to choosing the medium or larger vehicle bases. In addition, there is no wall between the camper and the vehicle’s front components. Therefore, to properly use the camper module as a PVP tool, we recommend that you find a four-slot vehicle bed.

3 or 4 slot modular vehicle?

If you choose a 3 module slot vehicle, you will have to take the cockpit with the engine as your forward vehicle component. The cockpit with an engine module is dangerous as its windows are down. Without a closed window, players in both the front and back seats are at risk of being attacked.

With a four-slot vehicle bed, you can have the armored vehicle cockpit. While you lose some visibility, this component protects drivers and prevents firing through the window into the camper.

Three socket vehicle with camper
A 3-slot vehicle with camper module

A 3 module vehicle is acceptable. Suppose you’re just roaming or gathering components. However, suppose you want to use the camper as an improvised FOB or transport to a raid target. In that case, you will need the added protection a four-module vehicle can provide.

Alternatively, you could build a FOB around your camper. This method allows the camper to secure storage and bed within the FOB. In either case, we recommend the four-slot modular vehicle for maximum utility.

How to break into a locked camper

The camper has a few exploitable security flaws. While the camper has 525 health, the camper becomes vulnerable at much higher health values.

The camper is a large moving target and is helpful in raiding and counter-raiding. This situation makes rockets a large part of the equation for campers. Two rockets can destroy a camper. However, only one rocket is required to put the people inside at significant risk.

While rockets do a set amount of damage, a rocket hitting a camper will launch it well off the ground, causing it to roll or at least take extra fall damage. 

Players become vulnerable to attack when camper loses small amount of health

The people inside the camper are safe from bullets and melee weapons. Likewise, players should be secure from explosions. Still, the detection for explosion stoppage often doesn’t work, mainly if the explosion occurs under the car.

Similarly, fire-based attacks don’t damage the vehicle or players in the car unless the car parks over flaming embers, which will burn the players.

Once the camper reaches certain damage thresholds, the windows and armor will fall away, exposing the players inside.

Damage chart for the camper

Camper HealthDescription of Health
525 hpCamper module Secure
360 hpThe windows fall away, allowing players to shoot in
210 hpArmored walls fall away, allowing vehicle mounting
105 hpVehicle Key no longer required
50 hpAll walls fall away, leaving only a frame
0 hpCamper is non-functional
Table of camper health points and damage description

Once the walls fall away, players are at high risk of being shot. Not only that, but enemy players can mount the vehicle, access the storage, and fire upon players respawning or escaping in the camper.

Campers are cool now

The RUST camper module is an efficient tool for setting up a mobile PVP base. It provides enough security that you can gather or bring the essentials to build an active raid FOB, or in a pinch, act as a FOB all on its own.

The camper doesn’t have a lot of storage, so it’s not super valuable for cleaning up after the raid. But, you will have unparalleled access to a safe respawn area where you can move and restock quickly if necessary.

So get out there and spoil a few gray nomads’ holidays. Take a RUST camper for a spin today to step up your PVP game.

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