RUST Base Designs September 2018

RUST Base Designs for September 2018

Each month Corrosion Hour captures a collection of RUST base designs, spread across our servers. We enjoy looking back at past wipes and sharing our experiences within our own and the greater RUST community. As the game continues to be developed, this collection of base designs allows us to observe the shifts and trends of base design.

One of the greatest things about RUST, is that it can be described as many different types of games, depending on whom you ask and when. It really depends on the mental model of the player as they run around the open world. While some servers are designed with a specific intent, it doesn’t really control the players’ overall experience.

Over the years we’ve run our RUST servers, there have been some wild scenes crop up. One wipe, in particular, a player run town popped up in the middle of the map. The location of this town was arguably the most contentious and dangerous area of the wipe. Stuck smack dab between the primary monuments and along the main road. It equated to a war zone before the town was rose.

Despite the danger though, players were able to call a truce with one another and have chill conversations with others on the server. Rarely does this seem to happen, considering the nature of the game? None the less, you never know what you’ll see each wipe. It’s part of the excitement every RUST player gets on the first Thursday of the month.

We hope you enjoy these RUST base designs and look forward to this next wipe. It might get a little spooky on the Corrosion Hour servers. Come stop by and say boo.

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