RUST Base Designs October 2018

RUST Base Designs for October 2018

Every month RUST base designs are captured and collected across the Corrosion Hour servers. For us, it’s a pleasure to collect the unique builds and look back at past wipes to share our stories and experiences within our growing community.

As RUST continues to be developed, we monitor the base design trends across our varying servers. It’s interesting to visit the history of our past wipe cycles and see what shape they’ve taken. This month, we saw the RUST Halloween Update for 2018 and the spooky items and challenges that it brought along. In particular, on our servers, what we noticed most of all was a surge of new players.

Below, you’ll notice there are many bases that have had one or more large external gates blocking the entry.  For new players, know that this is referred to as being grieved. The takeaway from this wipe cycle is that it’s absolutely crucial to have more than one entryway to your base.

Without extra entry and exit ways, it requires little effort for raiders to grief the base. They’ll simply make it useless by blockading the entryway. Having one entry point is also highly predictable. Raiders will know where you’re entering and exiting your base from. This makes door camping have a very high ROI. Let’s not make it easy.

With that, we hope you enjoy these RUST base designs and look forward to this next wipe. Come check out the Corrosion Hour servers and say Hi!

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