RUST Base Designs May 2019

RUST Base Designs for May 2019

This month we’ve managed to capture 570+ RUST base designs from our No Decay community server for the May 2019 wipe cycle.

Over 1,850 unique players connected to our server this month, with an amazing assortment of RUST base designs having been erected. Most players have experienced pure vanilla RUST on official servers. On Corrosion Hour’s No Decay servers, the thing to look out for are the meta plays, specifically involved with base building. This experience differs significantly from the standard vanilla RUST play style.

Without the need to keep tool cupboards stoked with resources, players have extra time to gather and farm building materials for rapid expansion. Bases can grow into monstrous compounds very quickly. It’s a lot like being heavy footed with the gas pedal in a vehicle, the world of RUST simply accelerates, though not without risk. Base expansion can be difficult when players begin to encroach in your territory. Either hunting you while you’re trying to farm more resources or building smaller bases near you.

The trick is to expand your building radius before hostile players have a chance to. This allows you to preemptively set up a defensive posture.

This lesson was learned by many players in the last cycle and can be seen throughout the captured base designs. There are hundreds of forward operating bases (FOBs) scattered across the game world. In many instances, these were being used to prevent other players from easily and quickly expanding their compounds. They also helped to add a layer of security to existing bases.

As you browse this cycle, keep this in mind. It explains and accounts for many of the design decisions made this wipe. Some of the veteran players are learning the deeper meta of No Decay.

For this cycle, three players stood above the rest on the PVP leaderboard. Each player earned a $5 Steam gift card for their scores.

  1. LAWLER @ 416 kills
  2. JIBBski @ 277 kills
  3. lord gay @ 203 kills

Enjoy browsing the collection of RUST base designs for May 2019.

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