RUST Base Designs June 2019

RUST Base Designs for June 2019

Each month, Corrosion Hour captures hundreds of unique and creative RUST base designs, along with many other standard and fashionable designs. In doing this, we’re able to record and monitor base design trends as the game of RUST continues to move forward in development.

Our players can come back to these base design posts and see their works of art and their works of destruction, as base designs are captured at the tail end of the month-long wipe cycle. With that, they can share and re-tell stories about their experiences and if they so choose, rub it in the face of those they dominated.

Our No Decay RUST server can be pretty ruthless like that.

In this month’s collection of RUST base designs, you will find numerous clan bases, compound bases, trap bases, starter bases, and a carebear/roleplaying base sprinkled in here and there. As for this month’s featured image, we had a few players decided to build massively sprawling base designs that put quite a toll on the server. RUST’s Unity engine did not handle bases of this size very well and caused quite a bit of trouble on the backend.

Have you ever seen bases this absurd on your servers? Have you built your own? Join us in our discord and share them!

Enjoy browsing our collection of RUST base designs for June 2019.

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