RUST Base Designs June 2018

RUST Base Designs for June 2018

Each month, Corrosion Hour gathers screenshots of RUST base designs found across the server to provide laughs, future inspiration, and lasting mementos to be shared. This post allows you to browse our community’s collective RUST base designs for the wipe cycle of June 2018. You will see numerous styles of bases, from solo bases, duo bases, small group bases, clan bases, to the current trends and flavors of YouTube bases.

This wipe, we have experienced massive 20 man clans waging war early on into the wipe. A feud that carried over from the previous wipe cycle and ended within a week… for the most part. This wipe has introduced a few things the admins of Corrosion Hour have never seen. A massive compound built in the snow by the Beckfast clan has literally extended itself and its walls around two full monuments:

Currently, the going rate for “safe harbor” and access to these tunnels is sitting around 5-6k sulfur ahead, for the remainder of the wipe. It’s incredible that no one has stepped in to challenge this group. All in all, though, it’s very impressive to see the entire breadth of the monuments encompassed by stone walls and tool cupboard 1×1’s along the entire border. See if you can spot them in the 300+ screen captures below.

In other areas of the map, we’ve seen numerous compounds appear, smaller groups of players erecting Helicopter towers around their primary bases. Most players avoided the central portion of the map, and I don’t blame them. Cold and Beckfast to contend with.

A few other highlights that we had with this wipe, we began blood bath events in which we’d give a heads up, anywhere from a day to an hour, and admins would stage 5 locked crates in a pentagram, announce the event and stand by to watch what transpired. With the entire server converging on one location, gunfights were breaking out across the map. There was no safe area. Groups were calling friends on to get geared up and be ready.

We were very impressed with the player participation. However, with a clan of 10+ players, it’s not much competition. Admins to the rescue! We did our best to stage the event in an area that would be controlled by administrations. We had a few tricks up our sleeves,  cycling in animal spawns, zombies, and rocket blasts… things got a bit interesting.  After a few rounds of this, we highly recommend to other admins to avoid spawning in the Halloween Event Murderers, there’s a bit of an issue with them right now.

That said…

We hope you enjoy browsing Corrosion Hour’s June 2018 bases!

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