RUST Base Designs July 2019

RUST Base Designs for July 2019

This month we’ve captured over 300+ RUST base designs spread across our servers. We witnessed an explosion of clan compounds and hidden bunker base designs, while also noticing every tunnel across the map was utilized and guarded to the teeth by lonely cave dwellers.

As players have had a few months to experiment and learn more of the ins-and-outs of the new Large Oil Rig Monument and Small Oil Rig Monument, along with the Cargo Ship Events, we have noticed many more base designs being headquartered alongside the edge of the island. Boat bases have become fewer, as the boat access is being built into primary bases themselves.

While bases can still be found scattered across the map, most players seem to spend their time putting down their main bases close to the spawning areas. Very few bases are found in the snowy areas, in comparison to bases built-in or near water areas. Another thing of note, this wipe cycle we noticed far fewer FOBs being setup. The average base sizes were generally in the trio or larger area. It seems more and more groups continue to formulate on the Corrosion Hour Servers.

We also had a new title barer for the Corrosion Hour Discord. Congratulations are in order for Phragmites, who won the PoOkIeMaStEr title in our discord, along with a $10.00 USD Steam gift card. He clutched the reward by collecting 15 Pookiebears this cycle. Can he hold it through the month of August?

Enjoy browsing our collection of RUST base designs for July 2019.

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