RUST Base Designs July 2018

RUST Base Designs July 2018

Each month, Corrosion Hour gathers screenshots of RUST base designs found across the server to provide laughs, future inspiration, and lasting mementos to be shared. This post allows you to browse our community’s collective RUST base designs for the wipe cycle of June 2018. There are numerous styles of bases, from solo bases, duo bases, small group bases, clan bases, to the current trends and flavors of YouTube bases.

This wipe cycle, we saw a large departure in server population. Having been decimated by large clans the previous wipe cycle, it seems to have left a sour taste in many players mouths. We attempted to revive the server population using a forced wipe mid way through the monthly updates, but to no avail, population dwindled.

All said and done, we still managed to have over 180+ base designs spread out across the map. You’ll notice some screenshots that appear barren, due to the fact we switched from the regular procedural generated map to a Barren map, which removes grass and foliage from the map, making it very easy to spot players and objects across the landscape.

That said…

We hope you enjoy browsing Corrosion Hour’s July 2018 bases!

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