RUST Base Designs January 2020

RUST Base Designs for January 2020

Things have slowed down considerably around the Corrosion Hour servers. This month we saw around 1,300 unique players come across our no decay server. With that, we managed to capture a total of 185 base designs scattered across the server. Amongst the collection of base designs, you will find a few gems, along with all the typical 2×2 and 1×1 starter bases hidden in caves, mountains, and forests.

We noticed a handful of alliances that formed across the server chat, due to most players being focused on rebuilding their blueprints. At the start of January, we wiped blueprints for the first time in many months in celebration of the new year. Speaking of which, tomorrow we will announce 3 lucky players who will each win a $20.00 USD Steam gift card for playing on our server during the January wipe. Good luck to those of you in the random drawing!

This coming February update and wipe, we hope to see many returning faces, along with new ones! Be sure to invite your friends and foes.

Enjoy browsing January 2020’s base designs.

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