RUST Base Designs for January 2018

RUST Base Designs for January 2018

Each month, Corrosion Hour gathers screenshots of RUST base designs found across the server to provide laughs, future inspiration, and lasting mementos to be shared. This post allows you to browse our community’s collective bases for January 2018. You will see numerous styles of bases, from solo bases, duo bases, small group bases, clan bases, to the current trends and flavors of YouTube bases.

This month, again we had our largest engagement of players in the history of the server. Over 600 bases were created this month and we’ve managed to capture 380+ of them. We hit the entity limit count of the Unity game engine and self destructed our server around the middle of the month. It hurt. A lot. Don’t recommend it. At any rate, we were forced to upgrade to a dedicated server and spent a painstaking 8 hours migrating blueprints over to the new server.

That said, with the introduction of the new upkeep system, there was a very large uptick of new players looking for a no decay, no upkeep server. On top of this factor, we’ve seen a lot of interest in the idea of “permanent-server” (i.e. wiping only when forced). We noticed however many of the bases this wipe cycle were built in much more modest sizes from previous wipe cycles.

Many of the new players that joined up with us still weren’t sure that upkeep and decay were disabled, even though the server title and description mention it. With the tool cupboard message in-game telling everyone their bases were decaying, many people didn’t trust the server settings and  continued to keep resources inside of their tool cupboards, while maintaining smaller bases. On the other end of the spectrum, with this wipe cycle in particular, we noticed many clans formulate on the server. We were lucky to witness all out clan wars occur on a nightly basis. Very exciting for a smaller RUST community.

We hope you enjoy browsing Corrosion Hour’s January 2018 bases!

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