RUST Base Designs February 2019

RUST Base Designs February 2019

RUST Base Designs for February 2019

In this post, we cover the RUST base designs for the February 2019 wipe cycle on Corrosion Hour’s main no decay server. This wipe cycle, we saw roughly 2100 unique players pass through from all across the globe. With that, we managed to capture over 400+ RUST base designs spread across the map at the end of the cycle, with a few sprinkled in from our creative build server.

Each month, we collect screenshots of our server’s RUST base designs and share them here for all to enjoy. This allows the RUST community a chance to look back at past wipe cycle’s base design trends, raided bases and those bases that stood impenetrable. Over time, we’ve built up quite the assortment of base designs and cultivate our own little base design database.

In addition to the base designs for this cycle, 3 players stood out on our PVP leaderboard and walked away with some hard earned Steam cash for their high player kill counts.

  1. [TMCD]Davis: 236 kills / 43 deaths
  2. TiernaSaurusRex: 191 kills / 59 deaths
  3. Daddy: 172 kills / 34 deaths

We hope everyone had a great time this cycle, we’re looking forward to what March has to bring. Enjoy browsing Corrosion Hour’s February 2019 bases!