RUST Base Designs December 2018

RUST Base Designs for December 2018

Each month, Corrosion Hour captures screenshots of RUST base designs spread out across our varying servers. With each new wipe cycle, our community has the chance to look back through the previous cycle’s trends, raided bases, the remaining ruins, and impenetrable forts while sharing their stories with others. With players hailing from all corners of the world, there is a wide variety of common, uncommon and highly unique base designs to be found.

For the December 2018 wipe cycle, we saw roughly 1500 unique players connect to our servers. Most of the larger clans and groups moved out and we saw more solo/duo/trio action, even though it was not enforced. Few players decorated the outside of their bases for the Christmas season. Players seemed to be all business this cycle, focusing on their status on the PVP leaderboard.

With this wipe cycle, we were able to capture over 470+ RUST base designs spread across a vanilla no decay/upkeep server. As usual, we saw numerous shacks and literal castles. We even had one of our players record their raid on an ice castle.

That said…

We hope you enjoy browsing Corrosion Hour’s December’s 2018 bases!

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