RUST Base Designs April 2019

RUST Base Designs for April 2019

This month we bring you 510+ RUST base designs for the April 2019 cycle to add to our monthly showcase.

Here at Corrosion Hour, we’re kind of hoarders when it comes to RUST base designs. We’re unable to just let them go. All pixels matter, so we hang on to them and make it available for all to share and reminisce upon our past experiences.

This month was unusual, as the wipe cycle before had been absolutely dominated by larger clans. Havoc had been wrought on the March wipe cycle’s populace. It was clear this cycle that some lessons had been learned. There were no complaints of significant monuments consumed by individual groups as there previously had been. Let’s see how long this last…

This month, more groups had secured blueprints and made allies over the past cycle’s threats. While there were some large complexes found across the map this cycle, the map wasn’t overwhelmed by anyone in particular. Most bases we captured were small footprint base designs in their nature.

For this cycle, three players stood above the rest on the PVP leaderboard. Each player earned a $5 Steam gift card for their scores.

  1. Eivind™ @ 225 kills
  2. Bob Duncan @ 191 kills
  3. Greg @ 177 kills

Enjoy browsing the collection of RUST base designs for April 2019.

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