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Facepunch introduced the Bandit Camp to RUST on August 2nd, 2018, in the Bandit Town Update. Set in the backdrop of a swamp, players will find a suite of interactable amenities, such as the Air Wolf Shop, the Casino, the Marketplace, and a series of NPC vendors scattered across different shop fronts. Since the Bandit Camp’s release, additional updates and continuous improvements have been made to this monument. 

Amongst those numerous updates have been the addition of new shop vendors and modifying existing shop vendors’ inventories, sometimes adding and removing items altogether. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to provide an updated source of information on the current state of items made available at the Bandit Camp monument.

Below, you will find the individual Bandit Camp vendors, as they appear on the in-game map, and an up-to-date list of their inventories, including additional metadata that may help you plan the ever-dangerous trip(s) to and from this monument and allow you to maximize your visits and reduce your risk.

Bandit Camp Vendor Shops

Black Market Vendor

Bandit Camp Black Market Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) LR-300 Assault Rifle(500) Scrap101
(1) M92 Pistol(250) Scrap101
(1) Spas-12 Shotgun(250) Scrap101
(1) F1 Grenade(8) Scrap1010
(1) Night Vision Goggles(250) Scrap101
(1) M39 Rifle(400) Scrap101
(1) 16x Zoom Scope(300) Scrap101

Building Supplies Vendor

Bandit Camp Building Supplies Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Drop Box(40) Scrap1010
(1) Salvaged Shelves(25) Scrap1010
(1) Tuna Can Lamp(5) Scrap101
(1) Locker(40) Scrap101
(1) Roadsign Gloves(40) Scrap101
(1) Wind Turbine(500) Scrap101
(1) Medium Rechargeable Battery(75) Scrap101

Farming Vendor

Bandit Camp Farming Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Composter(30) Scrap101
(1) Large Planter Box(30) Scrap1010
(1) Water Barrel(30) Scrap101
(1) Sprinkler(15) Scrap101
(1) Fluid Switch & Pump(30) Scrap101
(1) Fluid Splitter(30) Scrap101
(1) Ceiling Light(30) Scrap1010

Food Market Vendor

Bandit Camp Food Market Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(5) Can of Tuna(10) Scrap1010
(6) Pickles(1) Scrap1010
(1) Water Jug(5) Scrap101
(20) Corn Seed(10) Scrap1010
(6) 40mm Shotgun Round(15) Scrap1010
(1) Mixing Table(175) Scrap101

Produce Exchange Vendor

Bandit Camp Produce Exchange Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(10) Scrap(15) Corn2828
(10) Scrap(80) Cloth2812
(5) Scrap(1) Small Trout5656
(3) Scrap(2) Fertilizer9393

Scrap 4 Sale Vendor

Bandit Camp Scrap 4 Sale Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Scrap(6) Crude Oil1400275
(1) Scrap(20) Metal Fragments14001400
(2) Scrap(1) High Quality Metal700700
(1) Scrap(1) Anti-Radiation Pills14001400
(15) Scrap(1) Green Keycard931
(40) Scrap(1) Blue Keycard351
(40) Scrap(1) Red Keycard171

Vehicle Parts Vendor

Bandit Camp Vehicle Parts Vendor
Item For SaleCostInventoryBulk Purchase
(1) Medium Quality Pistons(40) Scrap101
(1) Medium Quality Crankshaft(65) Scrap101
(1) Medium Quality Valves(40) Scrap101
(1) Medium Quality Spark Plugs(40) Scrap101
(1) Medium Quality Carburetor(65) Scrap101
(1) Modular Car Lift(150) Scrap101

Final Thoughts on the Bandit Camp Vendors’ Loot Tables

The Bandit Camp monument offers RUST players a plethora of amenities and services, such as the Air Wolf Shop and the Marketplace, but the Bandit Camp vendors are the primary draw for this location unless, of course, you have a gambling addiction.

It’s our hope you’ll be able to find creative uses for the above vendor loot tables and use them as a resource that can help you and your teammates intelligently plan out your visits to the Bandit Camp by knowing what’s for sale, how much it costs, and how many of each item you can acquire.

If you’re a server administrator or plugin creator, these loot tables can help to serve as a reference point, especially if you ever need to run a sanity check or reset your customizations. Be sure also to check out the companion RUST Outpost Vending Machine Loot Tables guide.

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