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The RUST Air Wolf Shop Guide

The RUST Air Wolf Shop, introduced in the Modular Vehicle Update on July 2nd, 2020, allows RUST players to purchase minicopters and transport helicopters using scrap as currency. Located inside the Bandit Camp monument and surrounded by a high wall that forms itself as an inner compound, players now have access to all its amenities, including an operational landing pad with pad lights and markings for aerial approach.

RUST Air Wolf Shop Fronts

Players will find a guard on the ground floor and the Air Wolf vendor, whose inventory includes an unlimited supply of minicopters and transport helicopters. This NPC is unique to RUST, as it’s the first NPC to introduce an interactive dialog and conversation. Once a conversation is initiated, the screen takes a cinematic view, with darkened borders appearing above and below the screen.

In the Modular Vehicle Update, Facepunch claimed they would further evolve this system to include the sale of horses and boats, presumably in other areas of the game world. They also mention there will potentially be missions and quests added in.

In the back of the building, players will find a door to a back room with a burning hobo barrel and a staircase leading to the second floor of the Air Wolf shop, where another guard and vendor can sell medium-quality tier 2 modular vehicle parts.

RUST Air Wolf Vendor (Ground Floor)

Purchasing minicopters and transport helicopters is a straightforward process. Ensure the appropriate amount of scrap is on hand and simply walk up to the vendor on the ground floor. Position the mouse on the NPC until the “Talk” icon appears, and press the E button to begin the dialog.

Players are then granted two options:

  • Selecting I'm just browsing will cancel the dialog.
  • Selecting the option I'd like to buy a helicopter will take you to the next screen.

RUST Air Wolf Vendor’s Inventory

ItemFuel (Included)Cost (Scrap)Quantity
Scrap Transport Helicopter10012501
Attack Helicopter5022501
Hot Air Balloon751501

The landing pad is designed in such a way that once a player purchases a vehicle, that player has a  five minute window in which:

  • They can mount the vehicle
  • They can push the vehicle
  • They can access fuel tanks, flares, and weapon bays
  • They can operate the vehicle

During the five-minute window, other players cannot purchase a vehicle. The vendor will respond with an error message that states:

I’ll be right with you.. the landing pad is currently occupied.

It’s important to note that after the five-minute buyer protection period:

  • Vehicles are indefinitely inaccessible to other players until a new vehicle is purchased and will remain on the pad indefinitely or until decayed
  • When another vehicle is purchased, all vehicles on the landing pad will be deleted, regardless of ownership
  • If a player or players are sitting in their vehicle on the helipad when another player purchases a new vehicle, they will lose their vehicle and be kicked to the backside of the helipad

RUST Vehicle Parts Vendor (Second Floor)

On the second floor, there is a vendor that sells medium quality tier 2 modular vehicle parts and a modular car lift and is protected by an armed guard. This vendor operates like the standard vendors found across the Bandit Camp and doesn’t initiate a dialog conversation like the ground-floor vendor.

Vehicle Parts Vendor’s Inventory

ItemCost (Scrap)Quantity
Medium Quality Pistons501
Medium Quality Crankshaft751
Medium Quality Valves501
Medium Quality Spark Plugs501
Medium Quality Carburetor751
Modular Car Lift1751

Final Thoughts and Considerations

The addition of the Air Wolf shop is a great starting point for RUST to begin introducing NPC interactions, quests, and missions. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for more information on the Bandit Camp vendors, what items are for sale, and their costs. It’ll be exciting to see how this concept continues to evolve and spreads throughout the rest of the game in future development releases.

Players should be aware of the dangerous operational aspects of the Air Wolf area of the Bandit Camp monument. Take heed to the order of operations for transactions. Make sure to handle business in the Bandit Camp monument first, and leave purchases with the Air Wolf vendor til the very end of your to-do list. Otherwise, you put yourself at unnecessary risk.

In addition to this, beware of using the landing pad as a landing pad! In its current implementation, players are at high risk of losing their vehicles and scrap investments if they or other players decide to purchase a minicopter or transport helicopter. It’s effortless to lose these vehicles, whether you recently purchased them or brought them into the landing camp. There are no warnings in place.

For RUST administrators, the Minicopter command and Scrap Transport Helicopter Commands remain the same; however, the minicopter’s console variables now default the decay of minicopters while outdoors to 8 hours and inside to 36 hours.

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