RUST Admin Radar Plugin (How to Install, Configure & Use)

What is the Admin Radar plugin?

Admin Radar (AR) is a RUST plugin designed for admins to help identify cheaters in-game by providing extra details and information on-screen for other players and entities. It could be considered a form of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) within RUST. Developed and updated by nivex, AR is a free-to-use plugin available on uMod and a favorite amongst the RUST admin community due to its ongoing utility as a must-have cheater-catching device and information-gathering tool.

Potential reasons to use the Admin Radar plugin

If the name didn’t tip you off, Admin Radar allows admins with proper permissions to see anything they choose. AR provides a convenient, in-game overlay display showing other players’ current health, distance from the admin, or any other entity type designated. 

The plugin conveniently wraps this information up as an in-game clickable toggle window. Additional features (permissions pending) include;

  • The ability to /radar list and return a printout of every admin with active radar on
  • Capacity to turn on a bypass feature so that admins don’t pick up each other on the radar
  • Disable lesser ranked authorizations from seeing higher ranked admins on the radar
  • Toggle radar filters by type; bag, box, collectibles, dead, loot, NPC, ore, sleepers, stashes, TCs, turrets, ALL, MLRS, CCTV, TCArrows

RUST Admin Radar Example

Installing the Admin Radar plugin

As with all RUST plugins, the server you intend to install them on requires uMod (Oxide) to be installed to facilitate their function. For a step-by-step perspective on how to install this plugin, please reference the following list:

  1. First, you must have uMod/Oxide installed on your server. Use our Installing uMod (Oxide) on Your RUST server guide if you need help; otherwise, if you use a third-party hosting, their user interface will have instructions on how to get started. It may be tooled explicitly to their platform, so reach out to your host for details.
  2. Acquire the latest version of the plugin from uMod’s Admin Radar page, or download the CS file directly.
  3. Locate the downloaded AdminRadar.cs file and install the plugin on your RUST server, or follow your host-specific instructions.
  4. Once you’ve installed Admin Radar in the plugins folder, and if the server is actively running, uMod will immediately create an alternate AdminRadar.json file in your config folder. You will make all configuration changes to the .json file in the config folder.

Additional dependencies

Like many other uMod plugins, Admin Radar may work as a standalone mod or in conjunction with other select mods. A full list of such mods includes:


As with all plugins, they will each have a small list of plugin-specific permissions. Make sure you reference our uMod Permissions Guide to better understand the oxide.grant permission system. Specific permission command lines for the RUST Admin Radar plugin include:

adminradar.allowedThis permission is required for any group or individual the server owner wishes to have the radar capability – Extreme caution is advised.
adminradar.autoThis enables Admin Radar, the second authorized party wakes up
adminradar.listThis grants permission to use /radar listcommand, which shows a comprehensive printout list of other users with radar active
adminradar.bypassThis permission makes a selected group or user invisible to others of equal or lesser permission status from seeing them on the radar
adminradar.bypass.overrideThis permission allows those with this setting to see those under the bypass permission, usually used exclusively by server owners.

Activation steps

Once installed and permitted to use the mod, players may activate it in-game via a simple /radar command in the chat or by typing radar in the F1 console. Users may also use /radar help

Additional chat commands are as follows:

/radar anchors_resetAdjusts anchor sets to default both in the config and in-game
/radar anchors_saveSaves anchor adjustments to config made in-game
/radar buildingsDraws all single original foundations in-game with a numerical representation showing their chronological placement order sequence
/radar dropsDraws all deployed entities within a specified meter distance, including but not limited to landmines and bear traps
/radar extAdds additional information to radar overlay tag for players, displaying weapon information
/radar fReverts to previous filter configuration if the radar was disabled
/radar helpShows a printed list of commands
/radar listShows printed list of all users with radar enabled
/radar onlineToggles showing only online players when using radar
/radar optional: ‘filter name’ (ore, collectibles, etc.) Turns on or off the specified filter
/radar setanchormax 0.810 0.148Adjusts max and refresh range 
/radar setanchormin 0.667 0.020Adjusts min and refresh range
/radar uiDisables the GUI only – radar will still function
/radar visionProjects a linear image to show the current focus on a player, allowing the admin to see exactly what a given player is looking at

Recommended plugin configuration

By default, the configuration of the AdminRadar.json file should be adequate for most server owners’ purposes. Below is a captioned, altered config file. Please do not copy/paste it for server use! To better understand potential option changes, this guide will go through the configuration file section by section as it pertains to the most commonly changed settings:

"Toggling the below variables true/false enables the default in game tracking of said entity type"
  "Additional Tracking": {
 "Backpacks Plugin": false,
 "Boats": false,
 "Bradley APC": true,
 "CargoPlanes": false,
 "CargoShips": false,
 "Cars": false,
 "CCTV": false,
 "CH47": false,
 "Helicopter Rotor Health": false,
 "Helicopters": true,
 "MiniCopter": false,
 "MLRS": false,
 "RHIB": false,
 "Ridable Horses": false
"Toggling the below variables hex code values will change the font color of the in game tracking system"
  "Color-Hex Codes": {
 "Airdrops": "#ff00ff",
 "Animals": "#0000ff",
 "AutoTurrets": "#ffff00",
 "Backpacks": "#c0c0c0",
 "Box": "#ff00ff",
 "Bradley": "#ff00ff",
 "Collectibles": "#ffff00",
 "Corpses": "#ffff00",
 "Distance": "#ffa500",
 "Health": "#ff0000",
 "Helicopters": "#ff00ff",
 "Loot": "#ffff00",
 "MiniCopter": "#ff00ff",
 "MiniCopter (ScrapTransportHelicopter)": "#ff00ff",
 "Murderers": "#000000",
 "Online Dead Player": "#ff0000",
 "Online Player": "#ffffff",
 "Online Player (Flying)": "#ffffff",
 "Online Player (Underground)": "#ffffff",
 "Player Arrows": "#000000",
 "Resources": "#ffff00",
 "Scientist HTN": "#ff00ff",
 "Scientist Peacekeeper": "#ffff00",
 "Scientists": "#ffff00",
 "Sleeping Bags": "#ff00ff",
 "Sleeping Dead Player": "#ff0000",
 "Sleeping Player": "#00ffff",
 "Stash": "#ffffff",
 "Tool Cupboards": "#000000",
 "Zombies": "#ff0000"
"Discord Messages is a webhook system that can integrate Admin Radar features directly into your discord server. This is completely optional for server owners that wish to keep a discord record of admins enabling or disabling radar features."
  "DiscordMessages": {
 "Embed_MessageLocation": "Location",
 "Embed_MessageMessage": "Message",
 "Embed_MessagePlayer": "Player",
 "Embed_MessageServer": "Server",
 "Embed_MessageTitle": "Player Message",
 "Message - Embed Color (DECIMAL)": 3329330,
 "Message - Webhook URL": "",
 "Off": "Radar turned off.",
 "On": "Radar turned on."
"Toggling the below numerical variables alters the maximum draw distance that said entity will appear through in game tracking of said entity type"
  "Drawing Distances": {
 "Airdrop Crates": 400.0,
 "Animals": 200,
 "Boats": 150.0,
 "Boxes": 100,
 "Cars": 500.0,
 "CCTV": 500,
 "Collectibles": 100,
 "Loot Containers": 150,
 "MiniCopter": 200.0,
 "MLRS": 5000.0,
 "NPC Players": 300,
 "Player Corpses": 200,
 "Players": 500,
 "Radar Drops Command": 150.0,
 "Resources (Ore)": 200,
 "Ridable Horses": 250,
 "Sleeping Bags": 250,
 "Stashes": 250,
 "Tool Cupboard Arrows": 250,
 "Tool Cupboards": 150,
 "Turrets": 100,
 "Vending Machines": 250
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default"
  "Drawing Methods": {
 "Draw Arrows On Players": false,
 "Draw Boxes": false,
 "Draw Text": true
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default"
  "Group Limit": {
 "Dead Color": "#ff0000",
 "Draw Distant Players With X": true,
 "Group Color Basic": "#ffff00",
 "Group Colors": [
     "0": "#FF00FF",
     "1": "#008000",
     "2": "#0000FF",
     "3": "#FFA500",
     "4": "#FFFF00"
 "Height Offset [0.0 = disabled]": 40.0,
 "Limit": 4,
 "Range": 50.0,
 "Use Group Colors Configuration": true
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default - alterations will impact in game GUI"
  "GUI": {
 "Anchor Max": "0.810 0.148",
 "Anchor Min": "0.667 0.020",
 "Color Off": "0.29 0.49 0.69 0.5",
 "Color On": "0.69 0.49 0.29 0.5",
 "Show Button - Bags": true,
 "Show Button - Boats": false,
 "Show Button - Box": true,
 "Show Button - Bradley": false,
 "Show Button - CargoPlanes": false,
 "Show Button - CargoShips": false,
 "Show Button - Cars": false,
 "Show Button - CCTV": true,
 "Show Button - CH47": false,
 "Show Button - Collectibles": true,
 "Show Button - Dead": true,
 "Show Button - Heli": false,
 "Show Button - Loot": true,
 "Show Button - MiniCopter": false,
 "Show Button - MLRS": true,
 "Show Button - NPC": true,
 "Show Button - Ore": true,
 "Show Button - Ridable Horses": false,
 "Show Button - RigidHullInflatableBoats": false,
 "Show Button - Sleepers": true,
 "Show Button - Stash": true,
 "Show Button - TC": true,
 "Show Button - TC Arrow": true,
 "Show Button - Turrets": true
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default, enabling content displays may drastically reduce in game performance"
  "Options": {
 "Draw Empty Containers": true,
 "Only Show NPCPlayers At World View": false,
 "Show Airdrop Contents": false,
 "Show Authed Count On Cupboards": true,
 "Show Bag Count On Cupboards": true,
 "Show Barrel And Crate Contents": false,
 "Show Npc Player Target": false,
 "Show Resource Amounts": true,
 "Show Stash Contents": false,
 "Show X Items In Backpacks [0 = amount only]": 3,
 "Show X Items On Corpses [0 = amount only]": 0
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default"
  "Settings": {
 "Barebones Performance Mode": false,
 "Chat Command": "radar",
 "Deactivate Radar After X Minutes": 0,
 "Deactivate Radar After X Seconds Inactive": 300,
 "Default Distance": 500.0,
 "Default Refresh Time": 5.0,
 "Dropped Item Exceptions": [
 "Entity Information Text Size": 14,
 "Entity Name Text Size": 14,
 "Player Information Text Size": 14,
 "Player Name Text Size": 14,
 "Restrict Access To Auth Level": 1,
 "Restrict Access To Steam64 IDs": [],
 "Re-use Cooldown, Seconds": 0.0,
 "Second Command": "radar",
 "Show Average Ping Every X Seconds [0 = disabled]": 0,
 "Show Radar Activated/Deactivated Messages": true,
 "Unique Clan/Team Color Applies To Entire Player Text": false,
 "User Interface Enabled": true
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default"
  "Voice Detection": {
 "Detection Radius": 30.0,
 "Enabled": true,
 "Timeout After X Seconds": 3
"Advanced - ALTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Configuration usually left default"
 "When Radar Is Active": {
 "Block Damage To Animals": false,
 "Block Damage To Buildings": false,
 "Block Damage To Everything Else": false,
 "Block Damage To Npcs": false,
 "Block Damage To Players": false

How to update the Admin Radar plugin

Updating the Admin Radar plugin is simple and quick:

  1. Visit the uMod Admin Radar plugin page
  2. Download the latest version of the Admin Radar plugin
  3. Overwrite the existing AdminRadar.cs file in your Oxide plugins folder.

It is best practice not to uninstall the mod, as you do not need to alter the JSON file. It will remain with your existing settings (unless the developer otherwise suggests a complete reinstall).

How to remove the Admin Radar plugin

As the Admin Radar plugin doesn’t impact player experience or game features necessary to run processes in the game itself, removing the plugin is as simple as deleting AdminRadar.cs from your plugins folder. 

A more thorough approach for removing Admin Radar is to:

  1. Prepare and properly shut down the RUST server
  2. Open the Oxide plugins folder in your server directory
  3. Locate and delete the AdminRadar.cs file
  4. Open the Oxide config folder in your server directory
  5. Locate and delete the AdminRadar.json configuration file
  6. Restart the RUST server

Suppose you want to disable the Admin Radar plugin for a short period. You can use the oxide.unload AdminRadar command, which you may also run in the F1 console, RCON, or Web Console. 

Disclaimer and seeking assistance

Corrosion Hour does not maintain the RUST Admin Radar plugin, nor do we assist with modifying the plugin outside the config scope. Visit the plugin’s uMod page to support the plugin creators, report bugs, or propose feature requests. Please get in touch with an admin in our Discord community for help with the steps and instructions in this guide.

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