RUST Admin Logger Plugin (How to Install, Configure & Use)

What is the Admin Logger plugin?

Admin Logger (AL) is a RUST plugin that enables server owners and admins to moderate the actions of both players and admins on their servers. Currently updated and supported by 1AK1, AL is a free-to-use plugin available for download on uMod and is a wonderful addition to any server owner’s admin toolbox.

Potential reasons to use Admin Logger plugin

Despite the plugin not departing much from what its name implies, Admin Logger is a worthwhile mod for any server owner wanting to keep track of command happenings within their console. 

It tracks everything from simple admin commands to F1 console spawning and even other uMod plugins that are activated. Admin logger outputs a simple text file generated in server log files for moderation purposes.

How to install the Admin Logger plugin

As with all uMod plugins, the server you intend to install them on requires uMod (Oxide) to be installed to facilitate their function. For a step-by-step perspective on how to install this plugin, please reference the following list:

  1. First, you must have uMod/Oxide installed on your server. Use our Installing uMod (Oxide) on Your RUST server guide if you need help; otherwise, if you use a third-party hosting, their user interface will have instructions on how to get started. It may be tooled explicitly to their platform, so reach out to your host for details.
  2. Acquire the latest version of the plugin from uMod’s Admin Logger plugin page, or download the CS file directly.
  3. Locate the downloaded AdminLogger.cs file, install the plugin on your RUST server, or follow your host-specific instructions.
  4. Once Admin Logger is installed in the plugins folder, and if the server is actively running, uMod will immediately create an alternate AdminLogger.json file in your config folder. It is essential to differentiate these files and not mistake them, as you must make configuration changes in the .json file in the config folder.


Unlike traditional uMod plugins, Admin Logger works straight out of the box. Once installed, the plugin will begin logging all configured readouts to its save location. You can find the generated logs inside the following directory: Oxide > Logs > AdminLogger

Recommended plugin configurations

By default, the configuration of the AdminLogger.json file should be adequate for most server owners’ purposes. While not at all lacking in the ways of customization, the following is a default configuration, prefaced by our warning disclaimer:

Alteration of any below values could drastically increase the chance of mod failure if not properly done. It is recommended that only those with considerable knowledge of RUST mods alter them.

This default group file is located at oxide/config/AdminLogger.json

The majority of the configurations for AdminLogger are simple true/false toggles and self-explanatory. Optional changes are as follows:

  "Log to console (true/false)": true,
  "Update frequency (s)": 5.0, 
  "Log filename": "adminlog",
  "Enable Discord Messages (true/false)": true,
  "Discord Messages webhook":" ", - insert discord webhook to allow for discord-printed readouts
  "Exclude List": [  - adding / changing SteamIDs will prohibit those listed from appearing in logs
  "Default admin commands": {
    "Admin connections logging (true/false)": true,
    "Noclip logging (true/false)": true,
    "GodMode logging (true/false)": true,
    "Spectate logging (true/false)": true,
    "Kill player logging (true/false)": true,
    "Admin events logging (true/false)": true,
    "Admin event commands": {
      "[Attack Heli]": true,
      "[Attack Heli] heli.calltome": true,
      "[Attack Heli] drop": true,
      "[Airdrop]": true,
      "[Airdrop] supply.drop": true
    "Kick logging (true/false)": true,
    "Kick commands": {
      "kick": true,
      "kickall": true
    "Ban logging (true/false)": true,
    "Ban commands": {
      "ban": true,
      "unban": true
    "Mute logging (true/false)": true,
    "Mute commands": {
      "mute": true,
      "unmute": true
    "Entity logging (true/false)": true,
    "Entity commands": {
      "ent kill": true,
      "ent who": true,
      "ent lock": true,
      "ent unlock": true,
      "ent auth": true
    "Teleport logging (true/false)": true,
    "Teleport commands": {
      "teleport": true,
      "teleportpos": true,
      "teleport2me": true
    "Give items logging (true/false)": true,
    "Give commands": {
      "give": true,
      "giveid": true,
      "givearm": true,
      "giveto": true,
      "giveall": true
    "Spawn logging (true/false)": true,
    "Spawn commands": {
      "spawn": true,
      "spawnat": true,
      "spawnhere": true,
      "spawnitem": true
  "Admin plugins": {
    "Vanish logging (true/false)": true,
    "Admin Radar logging (true/false)": true,
    "Night Vision logging (true/false)": true,
    "Convert Status logging (true/false)": true,
    "Inventory Viewer logging (true/false)": true,
    "Backpacks logging (true/false)": true,
    "Freeze logging (true/false)": true,
    "Freeze commands": {
      "freeze": true,
      "unfreeze": true,
      "freezeall": true,
      "unfreezeall": true
    "Player Administration logging (true/false)": true,
    "Player Administration commands": {
      "OpenPadminCmd": true,
      "ClosePadminCmd": true,
      "BanUserCmd": true,
      "UnbanUserCmd": true,
      "KickUserCmd": true,
      "MuteUserCmd": true,
      "UnmuteUserCmd": true,
      "FreezeCmd": true,
      "UnreezeCmd": true,
      "BackpackViewCmd": true,
      "InventoryViewCmd": true,
      "ClearUserInventoryCmd": true,
      "ResetUserBPCmd": true,
      "ResetUserMetabolismCmd": true,
      "RecoverUserMetabolismCmd": true,
      "TeleportToUserCmd": true,
      "TeleportUserCmd": true,
      "SpectateUserCmd": true,
      "PermsCmd": true,
      "HurtUserCmd": true,
      "KillUserCmd": true,
      "HealUserCmd": true

How to update the Admin Logger plugin

Updating the Admin Logger plugin is simple and quick:

  1. Visit the uMod Admin Logger plugin page
  2. Download the latest version of the Admin Logger plugin
  3. Overwrite the existing AdminLogger.cs file in your Oxide plugins folder.

It is best practice not to uninstall the mod, as you do not need to alter the JSON file. It will remain with your existing settings (unless the developer otherwise suggests a complete reinstall).

How to uninstall the Admin Logger plugin

As the Admin Logger plugin doesn’t impact player experience or game features necessary to run processes in the game itself, removing the plugin is as simple as deleting AdminLogger.cs from your plugins folder.

A more thorough approach for removing Admin Logger is to:

  1. Prepare and properly shut down the RUST server
  2. Open the Oxide plugins folder in your server directory
  3. Locate and delete the AdminLogger.cs file
  4. Open the Oxide config folder in your server directory
  5. Locate and delete the AdminLogger.json configuration file
  6. Restart the RUST server

Suppose you want to disable the Admin Logger plugin for a short period. You can use the oxide.unload AdminLogger command, which you may also run in the F1 console, RCON, or Web Console. 

Disclaimer and Seeking Assistance

Corrosion Hour does not maintain the RUST Admin Logger plugin, nor do we assist with modifying the plugin outside the config scope. Visit the plugin’s uMod page to support the plugin creators, report bugs, or propose feature requests. Please get in touch with an admin in our Discord community for help with the steps and instructions in this guide.

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