RUST Achievements Guide

The RUST Achievements Guide

RUST achievements are similar to real-world trophies, except they are in the form of a digital badge. Like trophies, achievements can be showcased as part of a Steam profile. This allows other people to view an individual player’s progress for a given game.

Steam also provides a RUST global gameplay stats page, which displays each achievement and the percentage of all players that have achieved it. Some competitive RUST players see achievements as a bragging right and strive to unlock all available badges. For other players, they are a way of showing and obtaining a higher level of game completeness.

When were achievements introduced

RUST achievements were originally introduced by Facepunch developer Garry Newman in the Devblog 171 update. Garry sought to use them as a form of an in-game tutorial.

The intention of the tasks is to encourage and teach. Not to set arbitrary “collect 50,000 stone to unlock achievement” goals.

– Garry Newman

Since Devblog 171, newer RUST updates have continued to introduce achievements.

How to get RUST achievements?

Obtaining RUST achievements is fairly simple, but there are no specific instructions for new or veteran players concerning their requirements. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Authenticate and connect to Steam
  2. Connect to an official Facepunch RUST server
  3. Perform the achievement’s requirements

Once complete, the Steam achievement will unlock within a minute. A small pop-up toast alert will appear in the bottom right screen. Once this has occurred, the achievement should now be associated with the Steam account.

RUST Achievement List

Below is a list of all available achievements for the game RUST.

RUST Achievement - Visit a RoadVisit a RoadVisit a road
RUST Achievement - Collect 300 Metal OreCollect 300 Metal OreCollect 300 metal ore
RUST Achievement - Destroy 10 BarrelsDestroy 10 BarrelsDestroy 10 barrels
RUST Achievement - Construct BaseConstruct BaseConstruct a base
RUST Achievement - Upgrade BaseUpgrade BaseUpgrade your base
RUST Achievement - Collect 65 ScrapCollect 65 ScrapCollect 65 scrap
RUST Achievement - Acquire 50 Low Grade FuelAcquire 50 Low Grade FuelAcquire 50 low grade fuel
RUST Achievement - Collect WoodCollect WoodCollect 100 wood
RUST Achievement - Craft Camp FireCraft Camp FireCraft a campfire
RUST Achievement - Collect 700 WoodCollect 700 WoodCollect 700 wood
RUST Achievement - Place Camp FirePlace Camp FirePlace a camp fire
RUST Achievement - Craft Stone HatchetCraft Stone HatchetCraft a stone hatchet
RUST Achievement - Craft Stone PickaxeCraft Stone PickaxeCraft a stone pickaxe
RUST Achievement - Collect 30 ClothCollect 30 ClothCollect 30 cloth
RUST Achievement - Craft SpearCraft SpearCraft a wooden spear
RUST Achievement - Equip ClothingEquip ClothingEquip 3 pieces of clothing
RUST Achievement - Craft Building PlanCraft Building PlanCraft a building plan
RUST Achievement - Kill an AnimalKill an AnimalKill an animal
RUST Achievement - Craft HammerCraft HammerCraft a hammer
RUST Achievement - Place Sleeping BagPlace Sleeping BagPlace a sleeping bag
RUST Achievement - Collect 50 ClothCollect 50 ClothCollect 50 cloth
RUST Achievement - Craft Sleeping BagCraft Sleeping BagCraft a sleeping bag
RUST Achievement - Collect 200 StoneCollect 200 StoneCollect 200 stone
RUST Achievement - Craft ArrowsCraft ArrowsCraft some arrows
RUST Achievement - Skin an AnimalSkin an AnimalSkin an animal
RUST Achievement - Craft Wooden BoxCraft Wooden BoxCraft a wooden box
RUST Achievement - Place Wooden BoxPlace Wooden BoxPlace a wooden box
RUST Achievement - Craft Wooden DoorCraft Wooden DoorCraft a wooden door
RUST Achievement - Craft Hunting BowCraft Hunting BowCraft a hunting bow
RUST Achievement - Place Wooden DoorPlace Wooden DoorPlace a wooden door
RUST Achievement - Craft LockCraft LockCraft a lock
RUST Achievement - Place LockPlace LockPlace a lock
RUST Achievement - Lock the LockLock the LockLock the lock
RUST Achievement - Craft Tool CupboardCraft Tool CupboardCraft a tool cupboard
RUST Achievement - Place Tool CupboardPlace Tool CupboardPlace a tool cupboard
RUST Achievement - Craft Burlap ShirtCraft Burlap ShirtCraft a burlap shirt
RUST Achievement - Craft Burlap PantsCraft Burlap PantsCraft burlap pants
RUST Achievement - Craft Burlap HeadwrapCraft Burlap HeadwrapCraft a burlap headwrap
RUST Achievement - Place a FurnacePlace a FurnacePlace a furnace
RUST Achievement - Craft a FurnaceCraft a FurnaceCraft a furnace
RUST Achievement - Research an ItemResearch an ItemResearch an item
RUST Achievement - Craft a WorkbenchCraft a WorkbenchCraft a workbench
RUST Achievement - Place a WorkbenchPlace a WorkbenchPlace a workbench
RUST Achievement - Place a Research TablePlace a Research TablePlace a research table
RUST Achievement - Craft a MacheteCraft a MacheteCraft a machete
RUST Achievement - Craft a Research TableCraft a Research TableCraft a research table
RUST Achievement - Craft Nailgun NailsCraft Nailgun NailsCraft nailgun nails
RUST Achievement - Craft a NailgunCraft a NailgunCraft a nailgun
RUST Achievement First NotesFirst NotesPlay your first instrument
RUST Achievement Musical MaestroMusical MaestroPlay every instrument
RUST Achievement Cool Kids ClubCool Kids ClubBe in a team where every team member is riding a Boogie Board or Inner Tube (minimum 4 members)
RUST Achievement PaparazziPaparazziTake a photo of another player
RUST Achievement RadicalRadicalSplash another player with a Water Pistol while that player is irradiated
RUST Achievement SoakedSoakedSoak another player above the damage threshold using a water gun.
RUST Achievement LiquidatorLiquidatorGet a kill using a water gun.
RUST Achievement No PressureNo PressureGet a kill with a super soaker pumped at the lowest pressure.
RUST Achievement Party BoatParty BoatDance with 2 other players at the front of the Cargo Ship.
RUST Achievement Bad NeighborBad NeighborUse a megaphone while in another player’s Tool Cupboard radius.
RUST Achievement On The RecordOn the RecordRecord another player speaking onto a Cassette.
RUST Achievement Like Nobody''s WatchingLike Nobody’s WatchingDance near a playing Boom Box on an active Disco Floor.
RUST Achievement I Can No Longer SeeI Can No Longer SeeStare into a laser light for 30 seconds.
RUST Achievement I Should Buy This SoundtrackI Should Buy This SoundtrackListen to the Rust soundtrack from a Boom Box for 30 seconds
RUST Achievement Full CollectionFull CollectionPlay an instrument while floating in an Inner Tube while listening to a Boom Box play a radio stream
On Track Rust AchievementOn TrackKill 10 Tunnel Dwellers while on a moving work cart
Battle Bus Rust AchievementBattle BusDrive a modular car with 5 passengers
Rust Air Rust AchievementRust AirPilot a Scrap Transport Helicopter with 5 passengers
Waste Not Want Not Rust AchievementWaste Not, Want NotRecycle 10 cars at Junkyard
Heavy Industry Rust AchievementHeavy IndustryActivate the Excavator
Big Brother Rust AchievementBig BrotherWatch another player through a CCTV camera
Smooth Sailing Rust AchievementSmooth SailingTravel 3KM with a companion in a Kayak
Apex Predator Rust AchievementApex PredatorKill 3 sharks with a speargun
Mission Accomplished Rust AchievementMission AccomplishedComplete 5 missions for NPC’s
Death From Above Rust AchievementDeath from AboveKill another player with the MLRS
High Roller Rust AchievementHigh RollerWin 3 rounds of poker at Bandit Camp
Thread the Needle Rust AchievementThread the NeedleLand a Minicopter on the Cargo Ship
Friendly Neighbour Rust AchievementFriendly NeighbourWave at 5 different players
Terror In the Deep Rust AchievementTerror In The DeepTravel to an underwater lab with a submarine
Pro Angler Rust AchievementPro AnglerCatch one of every fish
It's Honest Work Rust AchievementIt’s Honest WorkPlant a different seed in every slot in a Large Planter Box
Buckle Up Rust AchievementBuckle UpStart a fully repaired car with a full set of T3 engine parts
Arctic Speed Rust AchievementArctic SpeedAcquire a snowmobile in an Artic Research Base

RUST Hidden Achievements

Some achievements will not be listed on Steam with descriptions of how to achieve them.  These achievements are considered to be hidden. Hidden achievements in RUST will only be revealed to you once you’ve unknowingly unlocked them.

With the Musical Instruments and Summer Sunburn DLCs, additional hidden achievements have been added to the growing list of RUST’s hidden achievements. To see the current list of hidden achievements, refer to the table below.

RUST Achievement - SealbreakerSealbreakerCompletely fill your hydration bar
RUST Achievement - GluttonGluttonCompletely fill your food bar
RUST Achievement - Giddy Up!Giddy Up!Ride a horse for 1km
RUST Achievement - Save the PlanetSave the PlanetRecycle an empty can at a recycler
RUST Achievement - Im the Captain NowI’m the Captain NowReach the bridge of the cargo ship
RUST Achievement - Something of a Scientist MyselfSomething of a Scientist MyselfKill 5 scientists
RUST Achievement - On the DeckOn the DeckLand a minicopter on an oil rig helipad
RUST Achievement Getting the Band TogetherGetting the Band TogetherJoin a team of at least 4 people where everyone has instruments equipped
RUST Achievement Sunglasses at NightSunglasses at NightEquip a pair of sunglasses after the sun goes down
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