RUST Abandoned Cabins Monument Guide

The RUST Abandoned Cabins Monument Overview

The Abandoned Cabins monument is one of many that players will find strewn across RUST maps. It was released into the game in August 2018 as part of the Bandit Town Update and categorized as a “Smallument” by the developers. Additionally, it’s at the lowest end of difficulty when compared to all the other RUST Monuments

Greatly reflecting its name, the Abandoned Cabins comprises two small, run-down buildings in a swamp, surrounded by trees and separated by murky water with a makeshift, worn-down dock loosely connecting them. This monument is primarily designed for early-game, allowing freshly spawned players to gain access to basic loot, food, and medical supplies.

Monument Features Checklist

Barrels ~1
Crates ~4
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable1 Green Keycard
Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Repair Bench
Research Table
Site Specific FeaturesPoker Table, Player Buildable, Trade Window

Preparing for the Abandoned Cabins Monument

The Abandoned Cabins is typically one of the first monuments new players experience after freshly spawning on the beaches. It is completely void of hazards such as radiation and scientists and partially lit at night with small decorative Lanterns scattered about. Regardless of a player’s gear level or experience, anyone can enter the Abandoned Cabins monument completely naked and loot its limited treasures. 

This monument is an excellent location for acquiring some early-game food and provisions. However, it’s heavily frequented, early in a wipe and late into the wipe cycle, due to its easy-to-grab green keycard.

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources. It’s a prime location to set up an ambush, as you can typically see the entirety of the monument within an eyeshot.

Accessing the Abandoned Cabins Monument

The Abandon Cabins monument will always spawn inside the Temperate biome and can be easily accessed on foot, by horse, or by vehicle. You can locate the Abandoned Cabins on your in-game map. Press the default G key to open the RUST map, and look for the monument’s label “Abandoned Cabins” inside the temperate zones, typically along coastlines.

Players venturing into the Abandoned Cabins will encounter swampy, wet conditions.  A unique mix of swamp trees is located around the area but is hardly suitable for farming.  They give considerably less wood than normal trees and are not worth farming.

Running the Abandoned Cabins Monument

Once you arrive, it may be worth taking a moment to walk around the monument’s perimeter to listen for animals that frequently pass through and get stuck on the dock and scope out other players potentially moving inside the cabins or the surrounding waterway.

On a fresh server wipe, the Abandoned Cabins will have wooden barricades nailed across the doors of each building entry, so the first player to encounter this monument will need to break the wooden barricade to enter the building. If you see these boards, it’s safe to assume no one is inside waiting to ambush you. A Rock, Torch, or any other melee weapon can easily break the wooden barricade down, as they have 50 health each.

As you traverse the monument, note that running through the water or across the worn-down dock creates significant noise and will alert any other nearby players. If you wish to stay stealthy, consider running around the perimeter of the swamp to avoid noise and running into hard-to-see animals in the water.

The Green Cabin 

Upon a fresh server wipe, this building has no wooden barricade blocking the door. You can enter freely.

Inside the one-story, green cabin, players will have the potential to find 2 loot crates, which can spawn as medical or food-type crates. One loot crate spawns outside near the trade window, while the other spawns inside.

In addition to the boxes, it has a metal shop front window that anyone could use for ‘safe’ trading. Though, important to note that while this window allows for equitable trades to be made, there are no protections in place to stop someone from killing you while within range.

 The Yellow Cabin

Upon a fresh server wipe, this building’s upstairs door will have a wooden barricade blocking entry.

Inside the two-story, yellow cabin, players have the potential to find 2 loot crates, which can spawn as normal, medical, or food-type crates. One crate is located upstairs, along with a Green Keycard that spawns on a nearby table. The other loot crate is downstairs near a small functioning poker table.

In the Swamp Water

A View of the Swamp

Because of the swamp nature of this monument, a large amount of sulfur deposit pickups spawn within the swamp itself.  It is also a hotbed for node deposits in and around the perimeter.

Most notable is the players’ capacity to build within the monument itself.  While there are restrictions around the two primary buildings, the rest of the area, including around the docks, allows for limited player construction. This is unique, as most monuments will prohibit any form of building within their perimeter.


The Abandoned Cabins monument, as small as it is, offers players the chance to easily acquire basic loot, food, medical supplies, and sulfur ore early in the game. If you’ve spawned on a nearby beach and this monument is within eyesight, it’s worth the gamble to run through and see what you can pick up. 

If you’re established on the server and looking for a source to harvest Green Keycards for larger monument runs, this is one of the easiest locations you could pick. Just remember, the trees aren’t worth it!

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