RUST Abandon Mission Command

The RUST Abandon Mission Command

The RUST abandon mission command is used to quit an active RUST mission by using the in-game console.

This command is available to both players and admins and can be used by pressing the F1 key and opening the in-game console tab. This command is an alternative method for quitting or abandoning an active mission given by one of the many RUST mission-givers.

The same function is available through the user interface. Plays can press the TAB key to open the inventory screen, and in the top right of the screen, the MISSIONS button can be clicked to display active missions. Inside of this UI is the ABANDON MISSION button. Once pressed, it will immediately abandon your active mission, canceling any and all progress made and removing it from the UI entirely. An in-game sound will trigger and the chat will display a message confirming such.

Once this command has been issued, you will have a lock-out timer for requesting the same mission again.

A few practical reasons for using the RUST abandon mission command

  • Quitting your active mission
  • Creating a hotkey and mouse-free way to quit missions

Who can use the RUST abandon mission command

The RUST abandon mission command can be issued by all actively connected players, on all vanilla RUST servers.

How to use the RUST player.abandonmission command

  • Use the command to quit your active missions, received by any RUST mission-givers.
  • This command does not take any parameters and cannot be used by admins to force quit other players’ missions at this time.
  • After issuing this command, it will immediately remove any active mission, and a sound will play and a text message will appear in the world chat for the player only.
  • Note that if a server has disabled its mission system, using the basemission command, the abandon mission command may not work.

Use the player.abandonmission command


On success the console will display:


On success the world chat will display:

You have failed the mission: <mission name>
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